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A person drinking from a bottle in the gym
By Alex DePinto 6 months ago
Can You Take A Fat Burner And A Pre-Workout Together?
As a fitness coach, one of the most common questions I get from clients is whether combining fat burners and pre-workout supplements is okay. My answer is usually yes, but it's not that simple. To fully understand the benefits and the possible downsides of combining pre-workout and fat burner supplements, I got together with a team of colleagues at Total Shape to do comprehensive research into... Read more >
A person in the gym stretching his arm
By Alex DePinto 6 months ago
How To Warm Up Arms Before Workout? (4 Best Exercises)
As a fitness instructor with over a decade of experience, I always emphasize the importance of arm workouts to all my clients. I teamed up with my physical therapist to get the ins and outs of arm and shoulder anatomy until we came up with this ultimate list of the best arm warm-ups. Today I'll share tips on how to warm up properly and give you four of my effective arm warm-up exercise... Read more >
A man showing his flexible skills beside his desk
By Alex DePinto 8 months ago
How To Lose Weight With A Sedentary Job (5 Desk Job Tips)
People with a desk job that involves sitting at a computer for eight hours a day are among the most common types of clients I get as a personal trainer. It shouldn’t be surprising that limited physical activity makes it difficult to lose weight. But there are some simple things you can do to burn a few extra calories and develop healthy habits. And these changes can have a major impact on... Read more >
Top view of peanut butter
By Alex DePinto 8 months ago
Is Peanut Butter A Good Snack Before Workout?
A pre-workout meal is intended to raise your glucose and sugar levels as you'll have more energy and then exercise effectively for extended periods. Being a huge fan of peanut butter in general, I’ve always wondered whether this delicious snack could be used as a pre-workout meal. I worked together with a team of dieticians to get to know the nutritional importance of peanut butter and... Read more >
Scoop of pre workout with pills beside it
By Alex DePinto 10 months ago
Is Pre-Workout A Steroid? (Everything You Need To Know)
Too many athletes have resorted to simply looking at anabolic steroids like any other muscle-building supplements, and the unfortunate reality is that they will inevitably run into serious health problems. The fast impact on physical performance and increasing muscle mass is very tempting, but it’s a lot safer to focus on the right pre-workout supplements than on banned substances. When I... Read more >
Holding a handful of pills
By Alex DePinto 11 months ago
How Are Steroids Made? (From A Doctor)
During a recent discussion with a client of mine who is a medical doctor, our conversation went onto the topic of steroid misuse in sports and how he’s encountered several athletes with serious side effects from these drugs. What was more interesting to me, though, was his knowledge of how these drugs were invented and how they are made today. It requires some highly specialized... Read more >