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Top view of clumpy pre-workout powder
By Anthony Diaz 4 months ago
How To Fix Clumpy or Hard Pre-workout Powder (Easy Way)
The other day, one of my clients brought his container to show me his clumpy pre-workout. He never saw that happening before, so he had a lot of questions regarding clumpy pre-workout powder. As I realized many gym-goers still don’t understand the reasons behind this phenomenon nor how to fix or prevent this from happening, as an experienced instructor, I felt compelled to dedicate a few... Read more >
A couple cycling outdoors, woman holding a tumbler while riding on a bike
By Anthony Diaz 5 months ago
Should You Take Pre-workout Before Riding Bicycle
As a fitness and strength coach, I have quite a few professional and amateur cyclists whom I help with their training regime. And while I recommend taking pre-workout supplements for targeted resistance training, one question I often get is if they should take the same pre-workout before every cycle. This is particularly interesting for competitive events, so I teamed up with my dietitian and a... Read more >
Bananas in plain yellow background
By Anthony Diaz 4 months ago
Does Eating a Banana Before Workout Help? What Experts Think
As a fitness trainer, I’ve had a lot of clients come to me seeking to know if bananas are a good pre-workout snack. I sat down with my dietician and went through dozens of research papers and relevant information to get to know if it is best to eat bananas as a pre-workout. Let’s see if bananas are worth the hype. Read more >
Top view of packed lunch
By Anthony Diaz 2 months ago
What to Eat for Lunch to Lose Weight Fast? (+11 Meal Ideas)
My years in the fitness industry have taught me there is no pill, cream, food, or other product that will magically melt body fat. Losing weight comes down to hard work and a straightforward formula; consume fewer calories than you take in. Our dietician and I discussed how my clients could rethink their diet strategies to maximize weight loss. After much discussion and extensive research, we... Read more >
Drinking supplement drink
By Anthony Diaz 6 months ago
Should You Chug Pre-Workout or Is It Better to Sip It?
As a fitness trainer, one of my clients' frequent concerns is knowing the right way to take their pre-workout supplement before coming to the gym. Most ask if they can chug their pre-workout supplement and if it's safe to do so. To assist them, I talked to a friend doctor and spent days researching this topic. If you have similar concerns, continue reading this article to find out why you... Read more >
Close up image of scoop of a creatine supplement
By Anthony Diaz 6 months ago
Does Creatine Help You Lose Weight? According to a Dietician
Dietary supplements are a hot topic at the gym. My fitness clients often come to me with questions after they hear chatter about the latest trending weight-loss product their fellow gym-goers are taking. I sat with our dietician to evaluate the risks and benefits of oral creatine supplementation so I could better equip my clients to make informed decisions. Read on to find out if taking... Read more >
A supplement powder in bowl
By Anthony Diaz 7 days ago
What Does L-Theanine Do in Pre-workout? Learn From Experts
The advice I give my fitness clients when it comes to choosing a pre-workout supplement is to read the label and stay away from proprietary blends. This advice paves the way for a plethora of questions about individual ingredients. One of those ingredients is l-theanine. I dove into extensive research on this common pre-workout ingredient and compiled a little mini-guide, so you know what... Read more >
Oatmeal in pink background
By Anthony Diaz 6 months ago
Is Oatmeal Good for Weight Loss? Learn From a Dietitian
Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast is probably one of the most important steps you can take on a weight loss journey. What you eat first thing in the morning can have a huge impact on your metabolism and also on hunger cravings later in the day. You don’t have to take things to extremes with an oatmeal diet to lose weight, but it seems like there are some good reasons to make it... Read more >
Old Seniors jogging outdoors
By Anthony Diaz 2 months ago
Best Exercises For Seniors To Burn Fat (No Injuries Risk)
As a personal fitness trainer, I work with people of all ages. And most seniors I work with generally want to make sure that they keep up their strength levels and do enough weight loss exercises to avoid building up too much flabby stuff. The problem is that older people have very different metabolic rates and their hormone levels change enough to require a different low-impact fitness... Read more >
An isolated apple cider vinegar
By Anthony Diaz 3 months ago
Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight? The Answer
If you want to clean windows or lose weight, there is one product that can aid both and promote countless other tasks and health benefits. Since I stepped into the gym with my first fitness client years ago, I have been asked hundreds of times about the link between apple cider vinegar for weight loss and fat burning. I set out to answer this all-important question. So, I enlisted the help of... Read more >
A woman eating measurement tape as a concept of diet
By Anthony Diaz 6 months ago
Should I Eat Back The Calories I Burn During Exercies?
Dealing with the clients on their weight-loss journeys, I got familiar with their everyday struggles. Most of them are foodies who religiously count their calories burned just to make space for their guilty pleasure snack. That's why from time to time, the same question arises - 'Could I eat back my exercise calories?.' Regardless of knowing the answer, I went ahead and conducted a one-month... Read more >
Different supplement of Guarana
By Anthony Diaz 4 weeks ago
10 Best Guarana Supplements (2023 Reviews & Buying Guide)
As an athletic trainer with more than a decade of experience, I always advise my clients to take energy supplements like guarana that can help boost their athletic performance. But with a huge pool of different types of guarana supplements, it can be a little daunting to find what works for your body and fitness goal. After weeks of research with my dietician, I have finally compiled the ten... Read more >