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Protein shakes with fruits, water and weights
By Anthony Diaz 8 months ago
Can You Survive on Just Protein Shakes? From a Dietitian
As a personal fitness coach, I’ve been asked some crazy questions about training and dieting. But sometimes, the strangest questions have the most surprising answers and explanations attached to them. One such question I was recently asked by a client is whether he could just drink protein shakes for both a bulking and weight loss phase. So, I sat down with a registered dietitian to... Read more >
A woman shrugging while having a measuring tape around
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
What Happens When You Lose Weight? By a Bariatric Physician
One of my clients recently shared how, after losing 107 pounds, she now seems unrecognizable to some of her relatives. According to them, everything about her had changed, from her face to her body and her attitude. As a fitness expert with 12 years of experience, I helped many of my clients go through those changes, so I decided to explain what actually happens when someone loses a few... Read more >
Top view collection of fruits
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
7 Natural Pre-Workout Alternatives That Actually Work
I have many fitness clients that want the energy and performance enhancement that comes with pre-workout supplements but without commercial products. These clients are pretty strict on what they put into their bodies and generally limit themselves to unprocessed whole foods. So, a few of them asked me about the best natural alternatives to pre-workouts that provide similar effects. I sat down... Read more >
A belly fat and a drunk person
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
Does Alcohol Stop Fat Burn? (4 Lose Weight Tips)
Many years of fitness coaching have taught me that even moderate drinking can affect fat loss goals. So, if you’re seriously trying to lose weight, you can basically consider drinking excess alcohol as poison. In fact, that’s how your body actually treats it. For this article, I decided to deepen my knowledge on this matter, so I examined all research papers I could find on the subject to... Read more >
Pouring hot water on a cup
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
Does Drinking Hot Water Help Lose Weight? (From a Doctor)
Losing weight is challenging, but there is some low-hanging fruit that everyone should reach for. As a fitness trainer for over a decade, I’ve met many doctors who tell me that water — especially hot water — should be the first thing on one’s weight loss checklist. Wanting to see if their claims were true, I asked six of my clients to switch from cold and room temperature water to warm... Read more >
A group in the gym performing kettlebell swings
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
Will Kettlebell Swings Burn Belly Fat? What You Need to Know
As a personal trainer, I’m always getting my clients to try new ways to get fit and speed up their fat loss. In many cases, people get bored doing the same exercises at the gym. One way to avoid that boredom is to introduce new exercises like kettlebell swings. Not only can these be extremely fun, but they are also a very effective way to burn more calories and target the more stubborn body... Read more >
A woman tanning under the Sun
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
Does Tanning Burn Fat Or Is This A Complete Myth? The Answer
As a personal trainer, I’ve heard many different crazy ideas that should promote weight loss. One interesting conversation I recently had with a physician was about how the sun could impact fat cells. I was researching other health benefits of sun exposure, but impacting fat cells seemed a bit strange to me. Our team decided to spend a few weeks researching and talking to some experts to find... Read more >
Man flexing his biceps with overlay of Ghost Greens
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
Ghost Greens Review (2023 Upd) Is This Supplement Any Good?
As a fitness trainer with more than a decade of experience, one of the first things I tell new clients is to get more vegetables on their plate, but because of their busy schedules, that is usually an inconvenience. So, I spent a few weeks looking for an effective vegetable supplement to recommend and soon after came across Ghost Greens. After speaking with a dietician about the product, I... Read more >
Belly fats and loose fats
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
How to Tell the Difference Between Fat and Loose Skin?
When you lose weight rapidly, you are left with excess skin that is sagging and unsightly, giving you the appearance of having excess fat in the wrong places on your body. I worked directly with some fitness trainers and their immediate clients to understand everything about loose skin vs. fat. In this article, I will share the differences between loose skin and fat, the causes of loose skin,... Read more >
A man doing an anime power
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
Goku Workout Routine (Training To Become Super Saiyan)
I came across my old college roommate, and he told me he's maintaining his form by doing a Goku workout and that he was surprised how much it improved his overall well-being. I've come across many different workout plans in years of my fitness coaching practice, but I never thought I'd hear about one based on an anime character. So, I decided to conduct in-depth research for three weeks to... Read more >
Top view of healthy diet foods
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
What is The Blue Box Diet? (Is It Good For Weight Loss)
Not long ago, I got a new client who is a swimmer. He's a devoted athlete who watches every move toward his goal of becoming a state champion one day. When I talked to him about nutrition, he said he was on the Blue Box. I've never met somebody on this diet plan, especially in the times when everyone is hyped up about intermittent fasting, low-calorie diets, and starving. So, to explore... Read more >
Pinching excess fats
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
How to Flush Out Fat Cells and Detox Your Body (The Answer)
Many of my clients trying to lose weight often come up with new ideas, new information, and new methods to help them acquire their goals. I heard some of them tell me they're trying to flush out fat cells to lose weight, and I wondered if that is even a thing. So with my team of experts, for one month, I decided to throw myself into the deep end to find out all about this topic and whether or... Read more >
A person pinching fats with both hands
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
What Breaks Down Fat In The Body? (From A Nutritionist)
I had an interesting conversation with a client and my nutritionist a few days ago about how the body has amazing processes to store and retrieve excess energy. It’s a very complex system, but understanding it allowed me to better explain to athletes and regular weight loss clients why they have to follow certain instructions to effectively lose weight. So, I decided to put that research and... Read more >
Drinking inside a plane
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
Can You Take Pre-workout on a Plane? (According to TSA)
As a fitness trainer, I have traveled the world for various conferences and private trips, and, in doing so, I needed to learn what I can and cannot bring on a plane. I keep a rigid workout routine even when traveling and need to know if I can bring a pre-workout on the plane and if I need to stow it in checked luggage or drop it in my carry-on bag. To prepare for a recent trip overseas, I... Read more >
A woman drinking pre workout supplement
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
How to Make Pre Workout Taste Better? (8 Simple Ways)
As a fitness trainer for almost a decade, my clients and I have tested hundreds of pre-workout supplements, and we found that while most of them work to boost performance, some can really taste bad. Since my clients are determined to improve their performance, they kept asking me how to make pre-workout taste better. As a result, I asked my gym colleagues if they had tried adding any... Read more >
Man working out inside the gym
By Anthony Diaz 9 months ago
Lit AF Review (2023 Updated) Is It The Best Option?
As a personal trainer, I always tell my clients to get their diet and exercise locked in before considering pre-workouts. Once you have multiple intense workouts a week, these supplements can work wonders for your progress. Unfortunately, there are so many products that promise a lot but then deliver a mediocre formula with little scientific proof. Lit AF pre-workout is one product that I heard... Read more >