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Man showing a pre workout supplement
By Anthony Diaz 10 months ago
Does Pre Workout Help You Lose Weight? (The Answer)
As a fitness instructor for almost ten years, I routinely advise my clients to use high-quality supplements to improve their day-to-day physical performance at the gym. Some of my clients were curious whether pre-workout supplements can help reduce weight regardless of exercise. So I consulted some of my fitness colleagues at Total Shape and conducted a few weeks of research to find out if... Read more >
Man preparing syringe
By Anthony Diaz 10 months ago
How Do Anabolic Steroids Affect the Brain? The Clear Answer
Being a fitness professional for more than a decade, my clients often come to me with questions regarding supplements, especially anabolic steroids, and recently they’ve been particularly curious about how they affect the brain. It's been my observation that steroid abuse is often associated with poor mental health, but I decided to dive into the research to find scientific proof for that and... Read more >
Stephen Amella as Arrow in green backgronnd
By Anthony Diaz 10 months ago
Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow Workout Routine & Diet Plan
If actor Stephen Amell is going to fight crime as vigilante Oliver Queen in the show Arrow, he needs to stay in peak shape. I wanted to learn how he got his superhero physique to pull off stunts as Oliver Queen, as I have fitness clients looking for tips and tricks to get his ripped body that is second to none. I collected a ton of data from Stephen Amell’s past interviews, studied his actual... Read more >
Close up image of different supplement
By Anthony Diaz 10 months ago
What Are Legal Steroids? (Are They Really Good)
I have worked as a personal trainer for the last decade, and I have always encouraged my clients to grow their muscles without using anabolic steroids. Knowing the dangers of those very well, I conducted a few interviews with sports experts and wellness professionals to learn about products containing natural ingredients that claim to be legal steroids. The main goal of my research was to... Read more >
Man having a constipation
By Anthony Diaz 10 months ago
Can Creatine Cause Constipation? (From A Dietitian)
Any of my clients will tell you that one of the dietary supplements I recommend the most for building muscle mass is creatine supplements. It’s a completely safe and legal way to achieve faster muscle growth, but there are some minor side effects. One thing that I have noticed in my years as a personal fitness coach is that some people report they encountered creatine constipation. It’s not... Read more >
A man injecting something in his biceps
By Anthony Diaz 11 months ago
What Are Steroids? (Everything You Need To Know)
Most people have probably heard about steroids, especially those in the fitness world. In talking with my clients and colleagues, I have found that many of them still don’t know or understand the actual ins and outs of steroid use. It is important to me to equip my clients with this knowledge so they can make informed decisions about what they put in their bodies. So, I decided to jump... Read more >
Holding a Gorilla Mind product
By Anthony Diaz 12 months ago
Gorilla Mind Sigma Review (2023 Upd.) Is It The Best?
Low testosterone levels can cause several problems for men, and in many cases, it can make achieving health and fitness goals almost impossible. But the solution for low testosterone is not to immediately resort to medical hormone treatments. There are many proven ways to boost testosterone production with natural ingredients. One of the newest products available is Gorilla Mind Sigma, and... Read more >