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Keto foods
By Chris Bolt 11 months ago
Do You Have To Be In Ketosis To Lose Weight? (Is It A Must)
Having been a fitness trainer for over a decade, I’ve come across many myths about weight loss. Many of these fat-loss-related myths are about the ketogenic diet (henceforth, going keto). You’d be surprised how often I meet people who swear on keto, claiming ketosis is the only way to lose body fat effectively. As someone who’s helped hundreds of clients with their weight loss goals,... Read more >
Partners working out with Alpha Lean 7 product overlay
By Chris Bolt 11 months ago
Alpha Lean 7 Review (2023 Updated) Is It The Best Option?
During my competitive fitness years, I tried a lot of different fat burners, and I know deciding which fat burner to pick could be a difficult task. A product that’s recently fallen into my hands was Alpha Lean 7. Few of my new clients use it for weight loss, so I decided to do a complete Alpha Lean 7 review to test its effectiveness and show you the actual price-quality ratio. Four of my... Read more >
Hot Female basketball player posing
By Chris Bolt 1 year ago
10 Hottest Female Basketball Players (2023 Updated)
From very humble beginnings in 1892, women’s basketball has picked up in popularity, especially over the past couple of decades. The number of hottest female basketball players seems to be growing exponentially every year. I'm talking about those tall, slender, and gorgeous women who could easily pass for models if you saw them wearing something other than their jerseys. After watching many... Read more >
Your guide to Serena Williams and steroids
By Chris Bolt 1 year ago
Is Serena Williams on Steroids? (Deep Investigation)
Serena Jameka Williams is one of the most decorated professional tennis players. She revolutionized women's tennis with her aggressive style of play and has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles (the most won by any player in the Open Era). After spending a week watching her games, observing her playing style, workout routine, and diet, I noticed that Serena displayed some almost superhuman-like... Read more >
Your best guide to dana linn bailey body care routine
By Chris Bolt 1 year ago
Dana Linn Bailey Workout Routine & Diet Plan (2023 Updated)
Dana Linn Bailey has an incredible physique that could put many male bodybuilders to shame. As a fitness trainer, I was always curious to see how she achieved it, so I’ve spent days researching her interviews and other materials I could find on the internet to figure out her workout routine and diet plan. Hours of hard work paid off. I got to the bottom of both, and I’ll share my findings... Read more >
Stretching Guide Before a Workout
By Chris Bolt 2 years ago
The Best Pre Workout Stretches That Could Help You Avoid Injuries
It worries every time I see my clients walking  straight over to weight machines or the dumbells to start their sets without proper warm-up or pre-workout stretches. It is the one way to increase your risk of some painful injuries. Also, it can also severely impact the performance of your muscles. We have even run some tests with clients to show them how much worse their muscles perform when... Read more >