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Turmeric powder in a bowl
By David Dack 9 months ago
Should You Take Turmeric As A Pre-Workout? (Doctors Advice)
During a recent conversation with my dietitian, I mentioned that I’d been experiencing joint pains after strenuous workouts. She pointed out that some studies showed turmeric was an excellent supplement that could help with such ailments if taken before or after a workout. Before heeding her advice, I researched how turmeric worked as a pre-workout and started taking turmeric supplements on a... Read more >
Women athletes running on race track
By David Dack 1 year ago
5 Best Fat Burners For Runners (2023 Updated)
People who are running to lose weight may find it beneficial to supplement their regular running routine with thermogenic fat burners to further improve their weight loss results. I've been training athletes for many years, and many of them have asked me to advise them on the best natural fat burners to accelerate their weight loss journey. Since our team is constantly studying how fat burners... Read more >
A muscular man holding a bottle
By David Dack 1 year ago
What Is Trenbolone? (Side Effects & Availability)
It seems like I can’t get through a week working at the gym and not notice another bodybuilder who has some obvious signs of using anabolic steroids like Trenbolone acetate. And I'm not just talking about the fact that these guys often increase muscle mass within a few weeks without a change to their routines. As a personal fitness coach, I have learned to identify the most common side effects... Read more >
Top view of unsaturated fats
By David Dack 1 year ago
What Is Unsaturated Fat? (Examples, Benefits & Function)
Dietary fat is one of those topics that still causes a lot of confusion among consumers. Some people look at the nutritional label of food, and as soon as they see fat, they assume it’s unhealthy. And while that can be true for many food products in supermarkets, it’s important to understand different types of fat and how they influence your body. That’s why I got together with my... Read more >
Best DHEA Supplements in a row
By David Dack 1 year ago
10 Best DHEA Supplements (2023 Updated) From A Dietitian
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands, and it’s vital for athletes, as it is linked to the balancing of testosterone and estrogen levels. As a personal trainer, I have seen many people make significant differences in their fitness goals by dealing with low DHEA levels. And while DHEA supplementation can help increase bone density, muscle mass, and lower... Read more >
Your best guide to Testosterone Boosters
By David Dack 1 year ago
Do Testosterone Boosters Work? (Science-Based)
Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing stress, and getting enough sleep are all usually enough for a healthy individual to keep their blood testosterone levels appropriately high for their age. But, as I’ve seen time and again in my fitness training practice, many people still need testosterone boosters to keep their T-levels in check and preserve muscle building and various... Read more >
Your best guide to bajheera and steroids
By David Dack 1 year ago
Is Bajheera on Steroids or Natural? (Truth Revealed)
Jackson Bilton, aka Bajheera, is a YouTuber and Twitch gamer. He’s grown a strong base of fans and viewers for his gaming content. He’s also a fitness enthusiast and frequently posts workout videos. Even as a full time gamer, he has made some incredible gains and won two bodybuilding competitions. I’ve trained many people who’ve desired to have a body like Bajheera’s. And based on... Read more >
running exercises the muscles
By David Dack 3 years ago
Does Running Build Muscle?
Tips to Develop Leg Mass
Does running build muscle? This is one of the most asked questions bearing in mind it is used by many to stay fit. Running, being a cardiovascular exercise isn’t known for its muscle-building benefits. Scientifically, running can actually help your muscle mass, despite many individuals doubting it. Read through for detailed information on how running can help you build muscles. We will also... Read more >