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  • Donald Christman, a graduate of the prestigious Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, combines his rigorous medical education with journalism to challenge and correct online medical misinformation.
  • With a deep commitment to the integrity of the digital landscape, Donald's writings reflect his dedication to debunking false claims and ensuring the public has access to reliable healthcare information.
  • Drawing from his love for reading and writing, Donald enriches his professional articles with depth and perspective, standing as a credible voice in the fight against medical misinformation online.


Donald Christman's commitment to accuracy is evident in his writings. He aims to debunk false claims and ensure readers have access to reliable information.

This dedication not only aids individuals in making informed health decisions but also supports the digital landscape's integrity. His dual roles provide him a unique vantage point, making him a credible voice against online medical misinformation.

Outside his professional endeavors, Donald's love for reading and writing enriches his perspective, adding depth to his articles.


Donald's academic journey in the medical field is rooted in the prestigious Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. This foundation equips him with the knowledge and expertise to challenge and correct online medical misinformation effectively.

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