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Man in yellow shirt measuring height while looking at camera
By Donald Christman 10 months ago
Can Steroids Make You Grow Taller? (From A Doctor)
As a fitness coach, I see it all the time, guys want to be bigger and bulkier, and they want to know what they can do to move things along. One of the “solutions” my clients often come to me with is anabolic steroids, and they sometimes expect these drugs will enable them to grow taller. Even though this seems highly unlikely to me, I did extensive online research and talked with our... Read more >
Holding vacutainer for blood
By Donald Christman 10 months ago
Can Anabolic Steroids Improve Blood Cell Production?
As a personal fitness trainer, I regularly have conversations with nutritionists and medical doctors about drugs that my clients might be taking for illnesses and injury recovery. In some situations, this involves people legitimately taking anabolic steroids to help build up strength after long recovery periods. While it’s those strength gains that many athletes try to take advantage of... Read more >
Bryson playing golf and riding a boat
By Donald Christman 11 months ago
Bryson DeChambeau Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
Bryson DeChambeau is one of the most successful young golfers on the PGA tour, with an amazing track record that extends to the Ryder Cup-winning team as well. I remember watching him as an amateur at The Masters in 2016 and thinking that he seemed to be creating huge ball speeds. But that only got faster once he turned pro and started a fitness routine to make him stronger than anyone else on... Read more >
An football player Austin Ekeler
By Donald Christman 11 months ago
Austin Ekeler Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
Austin Ekeler has made a huge impact on the National Football League ever since joining the Chargers as an undrafted free agent in 2017 once he finished studying at Western Colorado University. Many fans refer to him as "Pound For Pound," and that's all down to the fact that he's arguably the pound-for-pound strongest player on the Chargers' team right now. What I like looking at is how... Read more >
Two muscular men working out in the gym
By Donald Christman 11 months ago
Gorilla Mode Energy Vs Gorilla Mode (2023 Upd.)
It's always an interesting situation to be in where our team has a discussion about two pre-workout supplements from the same company. Gorilla Mode and Gorilla Mode Energy are the ones that caused our most recent debate, and after presenting our arguments and putting the thing to a vote, we came up tied. So, we pulled in a dietitian and 12 clients to help us with the proper research and... Read more >
A man working out in the gym on the floor
By Donald Christman 11 months ago
6 Best Testosterone Booster for Men Over 50 (2023 Updated)
By the time you hit 50, your testosterone levels have likely been declining for a decade or more, so many of my middle-aged fitness clients seek my advice on ways to boost testosterone naturally. These discussions have prompted me to closely examine natural testosterone boosters that could work the best for men over 50, and I asked several of my clients to commit to a four-month trial of several... Read more >
Woman with slim body and flat belly, another person picking supplement pills
By Donald Christman 11 months ago
5 Best Metabolism Booster Pills (2023 Updated)
I always tell my clients and readers that they have to fix their diet and workout routine first before they turn to dietary supplements for a boost. Once they have done that, I do admit metabolism-boosting supplements can be a great way to speed up the fat loss progress. But so many of them are completely useless. They promise the world when it comes to burning fat, and you'll have wasted a ton... Read more >
Ozempic product for person's with diabetes
By Donald Christman 11 months ago
Ozempic Review (2023 Upd.) Is It Good For Weight Loss?
In my years as a fitness trainer, I have talked to scores of clients whose lives have been affected by diabetes, a condition when the pancreas does not produce enough of the body’s insulin. My clients and I have in-depth discussions on how to manage Type 2 diabetes with lifestyle changes like increasing activity level, evaluating diet and eliminating foods that hinder balanced nutrition, and... Read more >
Muscular man behind woman flexing his muscles
By Donald Christman 12 months ago
What Is Protein Synthesis? (Everything You Need To Know)
After being in the world of fitness for over two decades, I understood how muscles grow intuitively, but I really wanted to gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the actual process of muscle protein synthesis. My curiosity got me going through many studies on this matter, providing me with a better grip on the underlying science. But, naturally, to be pragmatic as well, I also found... Read more >
Your best guide to rhodiola rosea supplements
By Donald Christman 1 year ago
Best Rhodiola Rosea Supplements On The Web (2023 Updated)
Active individuals who experience energy dips and feel their pre-workouts lack brain-enhancing ingredients can benefit from natural cognitive enhancers, such as Rhodiola Rosea supplements. Throughout my career as an athletic trainer, I've worked with clients who struggled to focus due to a lack of sleep and chronic fatigue. So I gathered my team and for eight months, we tested twenty Rhodiola... Read more >
Your best guide to saw palmetto supplements
By Donald Christman 1 year ago
Best Saw Palmetto Supplement (2023 Updated) 3 Month Research
As a personal fitness instructor, I work with clients and nutritionists all the time to come up with a plan to promote male health. And one of the dietary supplements that I heard a lot of nutritionists recommend for prostate health is saw palmetto. You'll find this extract from a palm-like shrub in many health food stores, but my nutritionist recommended looking at concentrated supplements... Read more >
Your best guide to the best protein powder
By Donald Christman 1 year ago
10 Best Protein Powders For Men (2023 Upd.) 3 Month Research
As a personal trainer I'm always surprised how many people end up with poor quality protein powder supplements. There are just too many protein powders that are laced with sugars and additives, resulting in your protein intake having a bad impact on your diet. So, our team got together with ten clients and our dietitian to research and test over 40 different milk and plant-based protein... Read more >
Your best guide to old diet pills
By Donald Christman 1 year ago
The History of Diet Pills (1893 – Present)
The adverse consequences of using diet pills in the past have had a significant influence on the development of modern weight loss treatments. As a fitness trainer, one of my duties is to help my clients pick the best weight loss products. So, I spent about three months researching old supplements and also looking into how modern ones are developed to understand their evolution better and make... Read more >
Your best guide to garlic supplements
By Donald Christman 1 year ago
Best Garlic Supplements (2023 Updated) Odorless Pills
Many athletes have found that garlic improves blood flow, raises testosterone, and lowers cortisol levels, making it a great pre-workout. As a fitness trainer for many years, I researched and tested a few dozen garlic supplements to determine which ones were the easiest to use and had the best ingredients to improve physical performance. In this review, I will share the results of my research... Read more >
Your best guide to fenugreek supplements
By Donald Christman 1 year ago
10 Best Fenugreek Supplements (2023 Upd) From A Nutritionist
I started taking Fenugreek about a year ago based on the suggestion of my dietitian. She recommended this ancient spice for improved testosterone production but warned me that there were plenty of low-quality products. Now, you could drink Fenugreek tea on a regular basis, but taking it as a herbal supplement provides a more potent dose. So I spent a couple of months researching and testing out... Read more >
A line up image of best legal steroids for men
By Donald Christman 1 year ago
8 Best Legal Steroids for Men (2023 Updated) Safe & Natural
As a personal trainer, I encounter many athletes regularly who take anabolic steroids, and I always encourage them to consider natural steroid alternatives. You just can't underestimate the health risks they can bring. While these best legal alternatives might not turn you into a Hollywood superhero in a couple of months, they can still speed up your progress enough to make your training much... Read more >