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Your best guide to tristyn lee and steroids
By Donald Christman 1 year ago
Is Tristyn Lee On Steroids? (Trainer Opinion)
Tristyn Lee's physique has dramatically changed since he started weightlifting at 13, raising controversy in the fitness community about whether he is on steroids. As a fitness instructor, I've taught many young athletes and witnessed their rapid mass gain. However, Tristyn Lee's remarkable muscle definition at such a young age piqued my interest and prompted me to spend days researching his... Read more >
Water pouring from a shower
By Donald Christman 2 years ago
Should You Take a Cold or Hot Shower After a Workout?
A nice, refreshing shower after a hard, sweaty workout sounds like a dream. It cleanses you and relaxes your muscles, but should you turn the tap to hot or cold? We’ve certainly seen athletes soaking in ice baths, but what about cold showers? Here’s everything you need to know! Read more >
Multivitamins for athlete
By Donald Christman 2 years ago
The Best Multivitamins For Athletes:
Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
We can all agree that eating a well-balanced diet and making healthful choices are part and parcel of achieving athletic excellence. While these habits are commendable, they simply won't do the job of providing the nourishment the body needs for optimal performance. This guide lists the best multivitamin that we believe could help bridge the gap between the key nutrients you get from food and... Read more >