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A person injecting Insulin for diabetes and fat loss
By Jordan Smith 4 months ago
Insulin & Fat Loss – A Benign or Toxic Relationship?
I remember a period in my career when there was a witch hunt on fat, and every kind of dietary fat was considered unhealthy. Today we have a similar trend in fitness, saying carbs which are raising insulin levels, are the main culprit for body fat, weight gain, and diseases. So, I teamed up with my nutritionist, and we spent hours going through research and literature on the subject to... Read more >
Holding pills, opening mouth with pill inside
By Jordan Smith 10 months ago
How Long Should You Wait Between Steroid Cycles?
As a personal fitness and strength coach, I’ve encountered many athletes and bodybuilders who have taken steroids to achieve their gains. The problem is that these people often take serious risks with the dosage and how long they run steroid cycles. They seem to believe that there are general guidelines you can follow and avoid running into trouble. After talking with a medical doctor and... Read more >
Spilled circular white pills
By Jordan Smith 11 months ago
What is Clenbuterol? (Everything You Need To Know)
With almost a decade of being in the fitness industry, I've worked with athletes and bodybuilders who asked about and who actually used clenbuterol to lose excess fat and increase lean muscle mass. However, because I know that this performance-enhancing drug is a banned substance, I conducted extensive research and gathered as much feedback as I could from people who used it to determine its... Read more >
Using measuring tape around stomach
By Jordan Smith 11 months ago
Skald Review (2023 Upd.) Best Weight Loss Supplement?
As a fitness trainer for many years, weight loss solutions have always been in focus for my team, and Skald Fat Scorcher is just one of the many fat burners we have come across over the years. After hearing about it from many sides, we decided to examine it and put it to the test for eight weeks to see if it could make a difference for my clients, colleagues, and me. I’ve compiled two months'... Read more >
TestoPrime vs. Testogen with two men at the gym in the background
By Jordan Smith 11 months ago
TestoPrime vs Testogen (2023 Upd.) Which Is The Right One?
Making the right choice between two high-quality testosterone boosters is a particular challenge when they’re both neck-to-neck in quality, effectiveness, and performance. TesoPrime and Testogen are two such testosterone booster supplements that have rightfully dominated the market for quite some time. So, our team at TotalShape got together with a dietician to analyze the ingredients, along... Read more >
Total War Vs Gorilla Mode with gym background
By Jordan Smith 11 months ago
Gorilla Mode Vs Total War (2023 Upd.) Which One Is Better?
Very few things are more fun to watch than two bodybuilders having a heated discussion about why their chosen pre-workout is the best for achieving fitness goals. In a recent discussion with clients of mine, I stepped in and decided that side-by-side research and testing would be the only way to solve the issue. The two pre-workout supplements in question were Gorilla Mode and Total War, and we... Read more >
A man injecting a syringe on his arm
By Jordan Smith 11 months ago
What Is HGH? (Effectiveness, Side Effects, Availability)
Human growth hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring peptide hormone, and it plays a key role in regulating cell growth in humans. The largest natural fluctuations happen in childhood, where HGH helps with muscle and bone growth, as well as the growth of all other organs of the body. And it’s that growth effect that creates a huge temptation for athletes to resort to HGH treatment drugs to... Read more >
Pills in a bottle spilled on a surface
By Jordan Smith 11 months ago
What Is Dianabol? (Effectiveness & Side Effects)
When you spend as much time in a gym around bodybuilders as I do, then you quickly notice those anabolic steroid lovers. As a personal trainer, I can usually pick them out from a crowd, especially after observing them for a few weeks. One of the anabolic steroids that seems to be particularly popular with amateurs right now is Dianabol. And while it can have a significant and fast impact on... Read more >
A muscular man holding a bottle
By Jordan Smith 11 months ago
What Is Anavar? (Effectiveness, Side Effects, Availability)
Based on conversations that I've had with athletes who have taken anabolic steroids for muscle growth and performance gains, I have found that a lot of them resort to a drug called Anavar. The main reason they gave me was that it's a safe drug with almost no side effects. But such comments made me immediately suspicious. Doctors will tell you that there is no such thing as a completely safe... Read more >
Your guide to the sexiest male swimmers
By Jordan Smith 12 months ago
21 Hottest Male Swimmers (2023 Updated)
As a personal trainer, I follow the progress of a lot of athletes, and I'm always particularly inspired by the achievements of swimmers because they are competing in a whole another medium - water. During a recent debate we had at TotalShape, each member of our team came up with a completely different list of the hottest Olympic male swimmers. We quickly figured out that we should also consider... Read more >
Your best guide to boron testosterone levels
By Jordan Smith 1 year ago
Effects of Boron on Testosterone Levels (Science-based)
Boron is not as widely known as other minerals like magnesium, potassium, fluoride, or zinc, but it plays a vital role in the body. Research of the importance of boron dates back decades and has found it essential to bone formation and maintenance, joint health, and having a significant positive effect on wound healing and hand-eye coordination. If you are curious about the impact of boron on... Read more >
Your best guide to zinc supplements
By Jordan Smith 1 year ago
10 Best Zinc Supplements (2023 Updated) 3 Months Research
Zinc is an essential mineral for athletes, and it’s important to always keep close tabs on the daily intake. Not only does it have an impact on how well your immune system functions, but it's also tied to male testosterone production. As a personal fitness coach, I make sure that my clients take a targeted approach to all vitamins and minerals, but zinc deficiency is the one that could hold... Read more >
your best guide to a good level testosterone
By Jordan Smith 1 year ago
What Is a Good Level of Testosterone? (From A Nutritionist)
Hormones have an impact on much more than mood. These important chemicals are responsible for a variety of body activities, including reproduction, mobility, and more. Good testosterone levels contribute to overall fertility, fat loss, muscle growth and male sexual health and development. Because of this, I teamed up with a team of hormone experts to clarify what are the good testosterone... Read more >
Your best guide to Weight Loss Statistics
By Jordan Smith 1 year ago
49 Weight Loss Statistics of 2023 To Help You Lose Weight
As a personal trainer, many of my clients come to me to help them develop a successful weight loss and fitness routine. And over the years, I’ve had to adjust my approach because so many people fail to achieve a long-term healthy weight. That led me to do extensive research with my colleagues at TotalShape, including a dietitian, to find out the actual statistics behind the weight loss... Read more >
Your guide to Vitaly and steroids
By Jordan Smith 1 year ago
Is Vitaly on Steroids or Natural? (Revealed)
Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is a Russian-American YouTuber with a strong following, most famous for his “Do you even lift, bro?” video. His YouTube channel features videos on his vlogs and him being a prankster. As Vitaly got more jacked, the most asked question among his fans was whether he was on a steroid cycle, which Vitaly himself admitted. I’ve known and studied many folks who’ve done... Read more >
Your guide to mike tyson and steroids
By Jordan Smith 1 year ago
Did Mike Tyson Take Steroids? (Deep Investigation)
Mike Gerard Tyson is an American former professional boxer who actively competed from 1985 to 2005. Given the nicknames “Iron Mike” and "Kid Dynamite,” Tyson is deemed one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time. I spent quite some time watching many of his fights and interviews. Based on his physique, strength, and body language,  it seems to me that Mike Tyson could have potentially... Read more >