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Emma Chamberlain sexy pictures
By Lana Evans 9 months ago
Emma Chamberlain Weight Loss: Workout, Diet & Mental Health
Emma Chamberlain has lost significant weight over the years, which has sparked various rumors and speculations about why this happened. While some of my clients believe that her workout and diet are the reasons for her weight loss, many people chatting on online forums assume that her eating disorder is taking a toll on her health. Curious about what had kept her slim, I decided to spend a week... Read more >
A woman working out her core indoors
By Lana Evans 9 months ago
3 Simple Exercises to Lose Love Handles and Belly Fat
As a personal trainer, I get many female clients that are particularly interested in targeted body fat loss in the hips and abdominal area. And those love handles can be a problem for many men to deal with as well. The problem is that doing just regular cardiovascular exercises won’t stop the belly fat retention effectively, as you also need to build up some underlying muscle tone. Through... Read more >
Jiggling belly fats
By Lana Evans 9 months ago
Does Jiggling Burn Your Thighs and Belly Fat? (The Answer)
As a personal fitness coach, I see people do some crazy stuff in their weight loss journeys. Unfortunately, the more desperate people are to lose fat, the more likely they are to fall for clever marketing of really bad products. But I had an interesting conversation about jiggling and vibrating fat with a physician a few weeks ago. So, we decided to do some more research into how vibrating... Read more >
A sexy and fit woman who uses VidaSlim Weight Loss
By Lana Evans 9 months ago
VidaSlim Weight Loss Review (2023 Upd) Is It Effective?
When I see my clients struggle with motivation or don't have enough determination to stay on their weight loss journey, I suggest they take a high-quality fat burner. One that I lately often hear my clients talk about in the gym is VidaSlim. So I conducted thorough research and spent many hours figuring out if this weight loss supplement formula is effective. Ten of my clients decided to... Read more >