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Gorilla Mode Vs C4 with two people lifting weights in the background
By liam-johnson 1 year ago
Gorilla Mode vs C4 (2023 Updated) Which Is Better?
Gorilla Mind and Cellucor are probably the two most popular supplement companies at my gym. And when I was talking with a few professional bodybuilders about pre-workout supplements recently, we couldn’t come to an agreement on whether C4 or Gorilla Mode works better. Most of the evidence I was getting was subjective and anecdotal, so our team at Total Shape decided to do some research and... Read more >
Your guide to the sexiest male wwe wrestlers
By liam-johnson 1 year ago
26 Hottest Male WWE Wrestlers (2023 Updated)
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is home to some of the most athletic and gladiatorial men on the planet. And a friendly discussion in the TotalShape team ended up in a heated debate over who were the hottest wrestlers. Because we couldn’t come to an agreement, we decided to get our readers and subscribers involved to have an honest vote. That way, we were able to take the bias out of it,... Read more >
A bunch of pills on a table with crazybulk d bal on the side
By liam-johnson 1 year ago
Crazy Bulk D-Bal Review (2023) Best Alternative to Dianabol?
When I heard people talking about D-Bal and all the benefits it would bring for their bulking phases, I was a bit skeptical. I always warn my clients about falling for supplements that promise rapid muscle gains and help them lose excess fat with no extra effort. But I kept an open mind, so our team decided to recruit a few clients and our dietitian to do some research and testing. After six... Read more >
Best Ginger Supplements in a row
By liam-johnson 1 year ago
Best Ginger Supplements (2023 Updated) From A Nutritionist
I've been taking ginger supplements for several years since my dietitian recommended it for knee pains I had from an old college injury. And ever since I've experienced the benefits of ginger root extract, I've been advising my clients with similar issues to do the same. The problem I had is that some of the ginger root pills have issues like wrong dose or a poor quality source. So, our team at... Read more >
your guide to mike the situation and steroids
By liam-johnson 1 year ago
Is Mike “The Situation” On Steroids? (Revealed)
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has returned from prison with a ripped physique and a 36-pound weight loss, prompting speculation the Jersey Shore star is on steroids. As a fitness trainer, I have worked with athletes who have successfully lost weight by following a consistent workout routine and eating right. So, when I heard of Mike Sorrentino's alleged steroid use, I spent two weeks analyzing... Read more >
Your guide to Usain Bolt and steroids
By liam-johnson 1 year ago
Is Usain Bolt on Steroids? (Deep Investigation)
Usain Bolt has set multiple world records by defeating other sprinters who tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, making the athletic world wonder if he is also on steroids. As a fitness instructor, I have worked with several athletes who use banned substances, so it's easy for me to tell if someone is natty or not. In addition, I spent two weeks investigating Bolt’s athletic... Read more >