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Alec Baldwin weight loss wearing suit
By Michael Garrico 1 week ago
Alec Baldwin’s Weight Loss Story (Diet & Exercise Revealed)
Alec Baldwin is one of the most famous American actors, and like many celebrities, he developed many unhealthy habits over the years. With natural aging in the mix, even celebrities can face an alarming wake-up call when it comes to their health and weight. Since Baldwin went through quite a drastic physical change, it got our attention, so our team spent a day going through interviews and... Read more >
Exhausted man due to low testosterone
By Michael Garrico 5 days ago
Can Low Testosterone Cause Fatigue (From A Doctor)
As a certified fitness trainer, I've noticed that some of my clients are unable to complete their workouts due to fatigue. I advised a number of them to undergo a blood test to check their testosterone levels, which turned out to be low. So, I decided to consult my doctor and do personal research on the connection between low testosterone levels and fatigue. In this article, I will provide... Read more >
Top view of raw protein diet food
By Michael Garrico 2 weeks ago
Does a High Protein Diet Decrease Testosterone? (Explained)
Recent research shows that following a high-protein diet can boost testosterone production, impacting your ability to lose weight or gain muscle mass. However, others maintain that it has the opposite effect. So, I consulted a dietitian and pored through various research studies for several weeks to understand whether too much protein could actually be causing low testosterone levels. Here’s... Read more >
A person cooking eggs to boost testosterone
By Michael Garrico 2 weeks ago
Do Eggs Increase Testosterone? (4 Things You Need to Know)
As a fitness trainer, I've had many clients who struggled with low testosterone. In a situation like this, improving your diet is the first step to helping your body. For one, including eggs in your regimen may be a great place to start, as they’re thought to be excellent T boosters. So, I decided to do in-depth research and determine if it is true and how exactly we should incorporate eggs... Read more >
A buff male in an indoor swimming pool
By Michael Garrico 5 days ago
Is Pre-Workout Good for Swimming? (From A Trainer)
One of my clients was taken by surprise when I advised her to take pre-workout supplements for swimming. She thought they were only effective in the gym for lifting weights and muscle building. So, to answer her many questions, I decided to compile what I know about pre-workouts, their ingredients, and what makes them suitable for swimming. I also consulted a dietician specializing in sports... Read more >
Finn Wolfhard weight loss collage
By Michael Garrico 1 week ago
Finn Wolfhard’s Weight Loss Story (Diet & Workout Exposed)
Finn Wolfhard is a Canadian actor most famous for his role as Mike Wheeler in the TV show Stranger Things and for voicing Pugsley in The Addams Family (2019). As Stranger Things came out with season 4 this year, Wolfhard fans noticed his dramatic weight loss. Having successfully trained over a thousand people to lose weight for over a decade, I observed Wolfhard’s so-called... Read more >
Top view of oyster and salmon for testosterone boost
By Michael Garrico 2 days ago
13 Best Foods That Increase Testosterone (Benefits Revealed)
Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, and having low levels affects men quite negatively. As a fitness trainer for over a decade, I’ve seen many people reach for unsafe and illegal means, like steroids, to deal with this issue. However, certain foods can be one of the healthiest ways to combat low testosterone levels effectively. Over the years, I’ve spent hundreds of hours... Read more >
Couple doing squats outdoors
By Michael Garrico 1 week ago
Does Squatting Increase Testosterone? (7 Benefits Revealed)
Whether you’re lifting as an amateur or for competitive sports, compound exercises (like the squat, bench press, and deadlift) are crucial for enhancing muscle mass and athletic performance. In my 10+ years of training clients, I’ve always incorporated squats in their training, and some of them asked me if this particular exercise can help boost their T-levels. I decided to read up on what... Read more >
A group of people doing yoga with Focus Aid on the side
By Michael Garrico 4 weeks ago
FocusAid Review (2022) Does This Energy Drink Work?
In my 10+ years of experience in personal training, I have always spent time testing new pre-workout products before recommending them to my clients. FocusAid is one of the recent energy drinks I've been using and testing for a few months now to see how it works and if it's as practical as it claims. I've compiled this comprehensive FocusAid review to help you decide whether this product is... Read more >
Top view of a gavel with steroids on the side
By Michael Garrico 4 weeks ago
Are Steroids Illegal in Texas? (From a Lawyer)
I've been in the fitness world for over ten years, and I've seen many people use steroids to bulk up and speed up their weight loss. But with most steroids illegal in many US states under the Anabolic Steroids Control Act, I talked to a lawyer friend to find out if they're illegal here in Texas and, if so, why. Here's what I found out. Read more >
Man sweating in bed
By Michael Garrico 6 days ago
Can Low Testosterone Cause Night Sweats? (The Answer)
Determining the root cause of many common symptoms, like night sweats, can be challenging. Over the years, I have had many fitness clients who battle low testosterone also report having night sweats. I began to wonder if the two were more closely related than I thought, so I sought out a medical colleague for a chat and did several hours of research to see if there was indeed a link between low... Read more >
Top view of syringe with different suppleements
By Michael Garrico 4 days ago
What Is Testosterone Cypionate? (Everything You Must Know)
While we’re against steroid use here at TotalShape, we understand that some people require more drastic measures to up their testosterone. In my experience as a fitness trainer for over a decade, testosterone cypionate has been one of the most common steroid hormones I’ve come across. Like many steroids, it has positives and negatives — both of which are worth knowing. So, I took a month... Read more >