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Kickboxers sparring in the ring
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
5 Best Martial Arts for Weight Loss (What You Need to Know)
In my long experience as a fitness trainer, I’ve learned that, sometimes, the best form of weight loss is driven by the purpose of achieving something beyond just shedding pounds. One such option that I’ve been passionate about for a long time and that has worked for my clients is martial arts. I decided to investigate it as a form of weight loss by exploring fighting styles that help shed... Read more >
Brainpill box with a woman holding her head
By Michael Garrico 4 weeks ago
Brain Pill Review (2022) Does It Help Improve Your Brain?
As a personal fitness and strength coach, I get asked numerous questions about all types of supplements. And when I encounter new legitimate ones like Brain Pill, I always bring them to our team for research and a test phase. To check the impacts on brain performance, we got a group of 11 clients to help out with testing. This involved keeping an hourly journal for a week without any brain... Read more >
A person with hangover, overlay of pre workout supplement container
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
10 Best Pre-Workouts for Hangover (2022 Buyer’s Guide)
Hangover symptoms may include headache, nausea, sweat, and dehydration, all of which affect your overall exercise performance. But if you find yourself with a hangover like that, there are a few products that might help. While many pre-workout supplements claim to relieve such ailments, not all of them contain ingredients that are actually effective. So, I spent several months researching... Read more >
A coconut water splash inside a collage
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
Is Coconut Water Before Workout Good? (4 Things to Know)
As a fitness trainer, I often peruse online forums to see what's new in the fitness world, and I've learned from numerous posts that many athletes drink coconut water before working out. So, I set aside a few days to research and discuss the topic with our dietitian at Total Shape and see if coconut water could be a good pre-workout drink to give my clients more energy and strength while working... Read more >
A doctor pointing to an x-ray to a brain while discussing to a patient
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
Is Pre-Workout Bad For Your Brain? (Ingredients And Impact)
There is no doubt that pre-workout can boost workout performance, but one of the common questions I get as a fitness professional is whether this popular supplement is bad for your brain. To give my clients an accurate answer and hopefully put their minds at ease, I went over a few scientific studies on the subject and consulted our dietician about the common ingredients in pre-workout and their... Read more >
Close up shot of powder with Razalean on the side
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
Razalean Review (2022 Updated) Does It Really Work?
Having heard many of my fellow gym-goers raving about Razalean diet pills and how they’ve been a game-changer, I’ve decided to incorporate this supplement into my workout routine to check its effectiveness firsthand. I used the supplement for six months and teamed up with my dietician to see what was behind its formula. In this article, I will provide a full Razalean review based on my... Read more >
Rice water in a bowl
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
Does Drinking Rice Water Help You Lose Weight? (3 Benefits)
I've worked in the fitness industry for many years and have tried numerous weight loss techniques and tricks. Drinking rice water is one of those tricks I often hear about, so I spent a few days researching if and how cooked rice water might help my clients achieve their fitness goals. I also consulted our nutritionist, who explained how the nutrients in this leftover liquid might be able to... Read more >
A man lifting weights in gym
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
How Many Calories Does It Take To Burn an Ounce of Fat?
As a fitness trainer, I’ve always used pounds to measure the amount of calories burned within a specific period. But since many of my clients use specialized calorie-tracking equipment, they want to have a higher resolution image of their progress, meaning smaller increments for losing fat to keep them motivated day by day. They often ask me about the exact number of calories they should burn... Read more >
A man in the gym lifting two dumbbells
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
Are Steroid Gains Permanent? (According to a Doctor)
Maintaining muscle mass is generally easier than getting it in the first place, but you still need to work out to both keep and grow muscle. I’ve noticed that pro bodybuilders who took steroids easily jump right back into shape after several months or even years of not working out. I wanted to find out to what degree steroid gains are permanent, so I teamed up with an endocrinologist and a... Read more >
Eggs beside weights and pre-workout powder
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
Are Eggs Good Before a Workout? (3 Benefits You Should Know)
As a weight lifter and a fitness trainer with over eight years of experience, I’m often asked if eggs are a good pre-workout meal. To provide a concise answer, I sat with my dietitian to determine the nutritional value of eggs, their importance to the body, and whether they make a sufficient pre-workout meal. Keep on reading to know what I’ve learned. Read more >
A boxer punching a punching bag
By Michael Garrico 3 weeks ago
Are Steroids Bad for You? (11 Shocking Side Effects)
Anabolic steroid use is a controversial and sensitive subject. Possession of or using steroids for performance enhancement is illegal, yet many professional athletes still use them and often claim the only problem is anabolic steroid misuse, not the use in general. Being a fitness trainer for over a decade, people have frequently asked me: are steroids bad for you? Given all the confusion on... Read more >
Close up shot of a doctor using a syringe on a steroid bottle
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
The Difference Between Corticosteroid and Anabolic Steroids
Studies show that steroids can build muscle mass, boost strength, and treat hormonal problems in men. While anabolic steroids and corticosteroids have beneficial effects, it is essential to understand the difference between the two types of steroids before starting any treatment. I’ve gone through in-depth research to educate my gym clients about how these two types of steroids... Read more >