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Close up shot of a steroid syringe
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
Can Steroids Cause Yeast Infection? (Backed by Science)
Steroids can enhance your physique quickly, but their risks definitely outweigh the benefits. Recently, I came across a case of a university student who contracted a fungal infection on account of a doctor-prescribed steroid. After digging into the matter, I learned a good number of steroid users succumbed to yeast infection. However, correlation isn’t always causation. So, I teamed up with a... Read more >
A person doing low intensity workout in a gym
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
LISS for Fat Loss (How Does It Help in Losing Weight?)
Low-intensity steady-state cardio, more commonly known as LISS training, is far less well known than its counterpart, HIIT workout. Yet, it’s practiced by many beginners without knowing what it is and how they can leverage it to burn body fat more efficiently. In over ten years of helping people achieve their fitness goals, I’ve always started beginners out with low-intensity steady-state... Read more >
Holding stomach from being hungry
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
Does Being Hungry Mean You’re Losing Weight? (Science-Based)
I recently came across a fitness influencer’s YouTube video, where they basically argued that it’s good to stay hungry because it puts your body in fat-burning mode. While there’s some truth to that, it’s important to realize that there’s quite a lot that goes on behind hunger and weight loss. To delve deeper into the subject, I paired up with a dietician and reviewed a lot of... Read more >
Pouring water on glass
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
Does Drinking Water Before Bed Help You Lose Weight?
As a fitness trainer for many years, I have experimented with many simple ways to lose weight, like drinking water before going to bed at night. Knowing that water can help support many of our body processes, including fat loss, I devoted three days to doing my research and spoke with a nutritionist at Total Shape to review the science behind this. Today, I'll share what I found out, so keep... Read more >
Top view of eating healthy meal
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
8 Signs Of Not Eating Enough For Weight Loss
Some people trying to lose weight restrict their calorie consumption too much, causing them more harm than good and actually slowing down their weight loss. I always advise my clients to eat nutritiously balanced meals and keep tabs on their bodies. To help them better grasp this, I spent days researching the negative signs people should be able to recognize while on calorie restriction. I... Read more >
A woman holding her groin
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
How to Get Rid of Groin Fat? (3 Effective Ways to Lose It)
Fat upper pubic area, commonly called FUPA, is the excess fat accumulated above the pubic bone, and it’s not something most people like having on them. A lot of sources out there will tell you that you can spot-remove groin fat, but unfortunately, that’s not possible. However, there are some ways to get rid of it. As a fitness trainer for over a decade, I’ve helped a number of clients who... Read more >
A person with hay fever close up image
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
Can Steroids Help With Allergies? (Backed by Science)
Many of my fitness clients cringe when they hear “steroids” because the first image that pops into their head is an Arnold Schwarzenegger-like physique. The truth is that different steroids have valid uses, including corticosteroids for treating allergic rhinitis (hay fever). When used properly, they are safe treatment options. I sought professional medical advice, talked at length with our... Read more >
Top view of different protein filled foods
By Michael Garrico 2 weeks ago
13 Best Protein Foods for Muscle Growth (A Quick Guide)
Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle, your body needs protein to sustain itself and grow stronger. And trying to build muscle without eating protein is like driving a car without fuel: you’re not going anywhere. With over a decade of experience helping clients with their muscle-building goals, I’ve learned that not all protein sources are created equal. Some sources support... Read more >
A woman organizing coal inside a sauna
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
Should You Sauna Before or After a Workout? (A Quick Guide)
Many of my fitness clients look for a way to enhance their workout efforts and come to me for guidance on foods, supplements, and, more and more frequently, saunas. The first question is whether to have a sauna session before exercise as a warm-up or after a workout for recovery. To answer this question fully, I consulted our medical professional and invested hours in online research on what... Read more >
A man with a stomach ache in bed
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
Can Pre-Workout Cause Stomach Problems? (From a Doctor)
As a personal fitness coach, I spend many hours a week working with clients at the gym and guiding them toward their fitness goals. Their exercise routine is only part of their plan; we also discuss their food habits and dietary supplements. Pre-workout supplements are popular for many gym-goers to boost energy, endurance, and recovery, but some experience stomach issues and wonder if their... Read more >
Future Kind logo with a woman in the background holding protein powder
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
Future Kind Protein Powder Review (2022 Updated)
One of the biggest changes I have seen as a personal trainer in the supplement industry is that the number and quality of vegan dietary supplements have significantly improved. And one protein powder my dietitian highlighted recently comes from Future Kind. Her initial research was extremely positive for the protein content and quality, so we decided to run a test with some of my clients. And... Read more >
A person in the gym lifting weights to burn fat
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
Does Weight Lifting Burn Fat? (From A Physician)
Many of my first-time clients on a weight loss journey want to know if lifting weights will help them shed pounds. As a personal trainer, I spend a lot of time instructing people in the gym, and their changes in body fat percentage and composition were a direct result of weight training. To explain the mechanism behind it, I sat with a physician friend and spent days researching this topic in... Read more >