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Mikasa Ackerman working out her abs
By Tracy Thompson 2 months ago
Mikasa Ackerman Workout Routine (Attack on Titan Training)
Mikasa Ackerman is a fan favorite on the anime series Attack on Titan, and with good reason. Mikasa defeats her foes and fiercely defends her allies. Some of my anime friends were wondering if it is possible to achieve the agility, endurance, and well-toned physique of this tough and focused Titan soldier. I did some extensive research and came up with a full-body exercise plan, including... Read more >
Kate Hudson and Nicole Stuart working out together
By Tracy Thompson 5 months ago
4 Exclusive Fitness Tips From Kate Hudson’s Trainer
Turning to celebrities for inspiration and motivation to transform your physique is generally a good idea. But in most cases, those celebrities have some amazing support behind them. One such person is celebrity trainer Nicole Stuart who has one of the most famous Hollywood stars as a longtime client. She has been coaching Kate Hudson with a unique approach to workouts and fitness. And she was... Read more >
A woman stretching on a yoga mat
By Tracy Thompson 2 months ago
Teyana Taylor Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
Teyana Taylor is a singer and dancer who gained huge fame after starring in Kanye’s video for the song Fade. And just watching the first few seconds of that clip is enough to realize that Teyana has an incredible body, and she knows how to move it. What got me interested, beyond the obvious stunning looks, is that people kept telling me that her workout routines are like no other. So, our... Read more >
Three women boxers collage
By Tracy Thompson 2 months ago
22 Sexiest Female Boxers (2022 Updated)
Women's boxing has become a major international sporting stage. And one thing is for sure: the female boxing world has never been more packed with hot and sexy boxers. Unfortunately, debates in the Total Shape team about who are the sexiest female boxers always end up in heated discussions and absolutely no agreement. So, we turned to our readers and subscribers to vote on who they thought the... Read more >
A person holding their belly
By Tracy Thompson 1 month ago
8 Best Fat Burners in Australia (2022 Updated)
Being a fitness trainer, I have been asked many times on social media by some of my followers in Australia to advise them about the best fat burners available in their country. Our team examined this topic extensively over the years, but for this occasion, we conducted thorough research on some of their country’s top-selling natural supplements and tried them out to see which ones are most... Read more >
Female Olympians collage
By Tracy Thompson 2 days ago
10 Hottest Female Olympians (2022 Updated)
Some genuinely amazing female Olympians participated in winter and summer games these last two years. These women are strong, capable, and hot. They won the world championship gold medals, so their beauty is only surpassed by their remarkable achievements in sports. Recently my team and I got into a heated debate about who the most attractive one among these ladies actually is. So, in an... Read more >
Your guide to the hottest female volleyball players
By Tracy Thompson 1 week ago
11 Hottest Female Volleyball Players (2022 Updated)
Volleyball is a unique sport that requires fast tactical thinking as well as cooperation and teamwork on the highest possible level. It is also one of the most popular team sports among women, and one of the reasons is the fact that it helps them develop an attractive figure. The world of volleyball is home to some of the fittest and sexiest women, and after spending a few days in heated debates... Read more >
Your best guide to glucomannan supplements
By Tracy Thompson 4 months ago
5 Best Glucomannan Supplements (2022 Upd) From A Dietitian
When it comes to choosing a dietary supplement, “high-quality product” should be the first thing you check off on your reasons-to-purchase list. This naturally applies to your glucomannan supplement, by extension. I’ve done a good deal of research, spoken to my dietician, and experimented with many different brands. The result: a list of the best glucomannan supplements I’m confident... Read more >
Your best guide to jessica alba workout
By Tracy Thompson 8 months ago
Jessica Alba Workot Routine, Diet & Supplements (From A Trainer)
Whether filming on a movie set for 16 hours a day, promoting The Honest Company brand, engaging in charity work, or being a mom of three children, there is no arguing Jessica Alba leads a busy life. As a personal trainer, I was intrigued by how she maintains her energy levels, so I spent many hours researching and creating a summary of Jessica Alba-inspired lifestyle and fitness program. Follow... Read more >
Your best guide to cris cyborg and steroids
By Tracy Thompson 2 months ago
Is Cris Cyborg On Steroids? (Revealed)
Cris Cyborg tested positive for banned substances for the second time in 2017, which raised suspicions that she is still on steroids. As a fitness trainer, I've worked with female clients who were given diuretics to help them lose weight quickly. So, assuming Cris is a clean athlete, I spent two months scouring her recent photos and videos for any physical signs of steroid use. In this article,... Read more >
Your guide to woman and testosterone booster
By Tracy Thompson 2 weeks ago
What Happens When A Woman Takes A Testosterone Booster?
Increasing free testosterone can be beneficial on multiple levels, not only for building muscle and increasing sex drive. For that reason, testosterone boosters have long been a mainstay for many health-conscious males. However, I would argue that in certain circumstances women can also reap the benefits of these supplements. Working as a trainer, I have seen first-hand what T-boosters can do... Read more >
Your guide to testosterone and women
By Tracy Thompson 1 month ago
What Does Testosterone Do For Women? (Science-Based)
Most people think that testosterone doesn’t affect women because it’s usually referred to as the male sex hormone. However, this is false. Too high or too low testosterone levels can cause many side effects in women. I’ve spent dozens of hours researching the symptoms and causes of inadequate testosterone. Here’s what I’ve concluded based on scientific studies. Read more >