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Your best guide to cris cyborg and steroids
By Tracy Thompson 1 year ago
Is Cris Cyborg On Steroids? (Revealed)
Cris Cyborg tested positive for banned substances for the second time in 2017, which raised suspicions that she is still on steroids. As a fitness trainer, I've worked with female clients who were given diuretics to help them lose weight quickly. So, assuming Cris is a clean athlete, I spent two months scouring her recent photos and videos for any physical signs of steroid use. In this article,... Read more >
Your guide to woman and testosterone booster
By Tracy Thompson 1 year ago
What Happens When A Woman Takes A Testosterone Booster?
Increasing free testosterone can be beneficial on multiple levels, not only for building muscle and increasing sex drive. For that reason, testosterone boosters have long been a mainstay for many health-conscious males. However, I would argue that in certain circumstances women can also reap the benefits of these supplements. Working as a trainer, I have seen first-hand what T-boosters can do... Read more >
Your guide to testosterone and women
By Tracy Thompson 1 year ago
What Does Testosterone Do For Women? (Science-Based)
Most people think that testosterone doesn’t affect women because it’s usually referred to as the male sex hormone. However, this is false. Too high or too low testosterone levels can cause many side effects in women. I’ve spent dozens of hours researching the symptoms and causes of inadequate testosterone. Here’s what I’ve concluded based on scientific studies. Read more >
Your guide to Zotrim
By Tracy Thompson 1 year ago
Zotrim Review (2023 Updated) A Remedy or Another Scam?
I always tell my clients that more than half the effort and results of weight loss and cutting phases comes down to healthy eating habits and monitoring daily calorie intake. And as a fitness coach, I have always been careful when promoting weight loss supplements. Here's the thing with products like Zotrim. Based on our research with dietitians, they often contain unproven ingredients or don't... Read more >
Your guide to a woman taking men's multivitamins
By Tracy Thompson 1 year ago
Can Women Take Men’s Multivitamin? (Science-Based Research)
If you’ve just run out of vitamin supplements, you might be tempted to snatch a few pills from your partner. But that doesn’t mean you should. Since men’s multivitamins aren’t designed for women, they might not be the best choice for you. I partnered with a dietitian and researched scientific studies to discover if women can take men’s multivitamins. Here are my findings. Read more >
The cause of Inner Thigh Fats
By Tracy Thompson 1 year ago
What Causes Inner Thigh Fat? (5 Proven Solutions)
Plenty of clients I've worked with dread excess fat in their thighs as it can be stubborn despite exercise and eating habits. While small lifestyle changes often help slim down the inner thighs area, in some cases, the reason behind is more complex. I took the time to read scientific studies and asked for an expert's opinion to get the most accurate information. Read on if you want to know... Read more >
Pouring protein powder inside a tumbler bottle
By Tracy Thompson 1 year ago
Are Protein Shakes Good For Weight Loss? (4 Key Benefits)
Throughout my career as a certified personal trainer, I have given my clients effective strategies to reduce overall calorie consumption, burn fat and increase muscle mass. Based on further analysis of their progress, I concluded that a diet high in protein helps them lose weight while building muscle. This article will explain why protein powder is good for weight loss and how to consume... Read more >
Your guide to protein powder and glutes
By Tracy Thompson 1 year ago
Can Protein Shakes Make Your Butt Bigger?
I know this might sound like a crazy question, but for many of my female and male clients, this is a definite goal for their butt muscles. And to get a bigger butt or any other muscle group, you need to focus on both exercise and diet. But before you just start adding protein powder to every meal and smoothie you have, let me first give you some background details that I got from my... Read more >
Woman on race track with Provitalize supplement overlay
By Tracy Thompson 1 year ago
Provitalize Review (2023 Updated) Is It Legit or a Scam?
As a fitness coach, I have worked with many women over 40, and I have learned that no proper weight loss management can be achieved without diet and exercise in the equation, although some dietary supplements like probiotics can make the process much easier. Since Provitalize claims to do just that, I spent several weeks going through available research and testing the product with my clients to... Read more >
Your guide to Alani Nu Pre-Workout
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Alani Nu Pre-Workout Review
Is It Worth Buying?
Tons of pre-workouts in the market are built on buzzwords, so I'm pretty skeptical of the super-popular products on the internet. Alani Nu is one of the newest supplement lines in the market, and they're super popular on Instagram. It promises to be the pre-workout that pushes you through your workouts so that you can achieve your fitness goals faster. I've researched its ingredients, talked... Read more >
Your best guide to Shredz
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Shredz Fat Burner For Women Review
Is It Worth It?
As a professional fitness trainer, I'm always looking for new health supplements that can benefit my clients. I searched for new fat-burning supplements on the market, and the one product that kept popping up was Shredz Burner Max for Women. This thermogenic supplement promises to help people lose up to 20 pounds in 10 weeks. I'd say that's a rather bold claim, so I researched this product... Read more >
Miley smiling in front of the camera
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Miley Cyrus Workout Routine
Diet Plan & Supplements
When you think of health and fitness, Miley Cyrus might not be the first name that comes to mind. But that would be incredibly unfair; the touring schedule and level of fitness required to perform at her level is one that few would be able to keep up with. So, what does Miley Cyrus do to keep in shape, and is there anything we can learn from her diet and workout routine to apply to our own?... Read more >
your guide to ronda rousey bpdy care routine
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Ronda Rousey’s Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
There’s something to be said about the old saying: “You punch like a girl.” One woman, in particular, took this statement to heart and decided it’s not something to be ashamed of but to admire. Like many other celebrity athletes, success for Rousey didn’t come naturally. Ronda’s had to work diligently to maintain her physique and fitness, which we’ve spent hours delving into to... Read more >
Guide to Kendal Jenner's body care routine
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Kendall Jenner Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
Every time pics of Kendall Jenner strutting down a runway on a fashion week surface online, I get clients asking how to look like her. And although Jenner is naturally thin, she adheres to a strict workout and diet plan. I've followed her and her trainer's social media for a while so that I can bring you a detailed Kendall Jenner diet and fitness regimen. Read more >
your guide to maggie q's body care routine
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Maggie Q’s Diet Plan, Workout Routine & Supplements
Maggie Q has become a renowned and badass action movie star. And she’s showing no signs of slowing down or stepping away from those stunts and fighter roles she plays. Our team has followed her social media accounts for a few months to find out what her secret to a slim body is. Fortunately, she’s shared a lot of information on her exercise and diet. So, we gathered up all that info and put... Read more >
your guide to Nikki Bella's body care routine
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Nikki Bella’s Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
One of the top client requests for celebrity workouts I get is for sure Nikki Bella’s. This WWE diva works very hard and follows a strict diet with regular workout sessions. I’ve spent countless hours studying her workout regimen, so now you too can follow Nikkie’s exercises, meal plan, and supplement intake. Read more >