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A celebrity in a light green dress
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Nicole Richie’s Weight Loss Diet Plan, Workout Routine & Supplements
Every time her pics surface online, I’ve been getting questions such as: What’s Nicole Richie’s diet? How to reach Nicole’s weight? What’s the one thing that helps Nicole look so good? I’ve been following Nicole’s career ever since the days of the reality show The Simple Life. I’ve spent countless hours scouring her and her coach’s and nutritionist’s social media pages to... Read more >
your guide to Daisy Ridley's body care routine
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Daisy Ridley’s Jedi Workout Routine and Diet Plan
No doubt you've heard of that badass lightsaber-wielding Jedi known as Rey Skywalker. But when it comes to achieving a Jedi-like physique, there's a lot more going on than simply utilizing the force. For fitness enthusiasts looking to get their body into shape in as short of a time as possible, here's everything you need to know about the Daisy Ridley workout. Read more >
your guide to angelina jolie's body care routine
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Angelina Jolie Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
Watching Angie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Beowulf, Maleficent, and lots of other action movies, I was impressed with her fitness and looks. Who wouldn’t be?! I wanted to help my clients achieve the desired results as fast and comfortably as possible. So, I started researching the approach to workouts and nutrition her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson has while working with Angie and a lot of... Read more >
your guide to Miranda Kerr's body care routine
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Miranda Kerr Workout Routine, Diet Plan
Train Like a Model
Without any doubt, I'd say that Miranda Kerr is one of the most gorgeous beings to ever walk the earth. While she has genes to thank for her good looks, Kerr achieved her runway-ready figure through years of hard work at the gym. Want a supermodel physique like hers? Check out this Miranda Kerr workout routine! Read more >
Celebrity smiling on a crowded place
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Gina Carano’s Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
Everyone who follows Gina Carano’s sports or acting career path must admit that she turns into gold whatever she touches. This hot and tough woman has achieved massive success as a Muay Thai and MMA fighter, Hollywood star (primarily acting in action movies, TV series, and video games), and a cover model for numerous fitness magazines. Expectedly, she caught my and my clients’ attention... Read more >
Benefits for females when boxing
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
9 Benefits and Advantages of Boxing for Females
Being in the fitness industry for years, I get the widespread stereotype that boxing is a sport for men as it’s all about fighting, getting punched, and injured. Despite this, whenever women clients come to me asking if they should try boxing, I always say, go do it! Top models like Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss, and many others have put on the gloves and started to practice boxing -- no wonder... Read more >
Megan Fox's workout routine and diet
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Megan Fox’s Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
Anyone who’s watched this gorgeous model and actress as Mikaela Banes, April O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or another sexy woman character in blockbuster movies can’t deny that her perfect physique (even post-baby) has caught their attention. How does she keep such great shape and fitness? Spending all day in a gym? I follow Megan Fox online (a little too much that I’d like to... Read more >
guide to cardi b's body care
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Cardi B’s Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
With the summer season fast approaching, every woman looks forward to flaunting that perfect bikini-body. One of these women includes the ever-popular ‘Bodak Yellow' celebrity Cardi B, who's been working her butt off since 2018 to slim down and transform her pregnant body back to the way it was. If you feel like your love handles are holding you back from your fitness goals, the Cardi B... Read more >
body care of ernestine sheperd
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Ernestine Shepherd’s Bodybuilder Workout Routine, Diet Plan & Supplements
Ernestine Shepherd, an inspiring 85-year-old bodybuilder, still works as a personal trainer and gives exercise classes to seniors in Baltimore. If you need some inspiration from a former self-proclaimed couch potato, read on! Read more >
Your best guide to Josei Casenco Body care routine
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Josie Canseco’s Diet Plan & Workout Routine
How She Stays Fit
No wonder Josephine Marie Canseco looks fabulous and has a passion for modeling and fitness when you know that this beauty is the only daughter of a former Playboy model Jessica Sekely Canseco and a Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco. She is incredibly strong, fit, and healthy, as you can see from her interviews, Instagram, and other posts. Can you treat yourself to junk food from time... Read more >
Anna Wintour Bodycare
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Anna Wintour’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan
How She Looks So Young
Not all of our readers have heard of Anna Wintour, but if you follow events in the fashion industry, then you’ll know how much of a success story the editor-in-chief of Vogue is. What is most impressive about Anna Wintour is that she has managed to maintain a balance of a high-powered job with family life and an incredible level of fitness. And I honestly believe that her dedication to... Read more >
Smoothies by Dr. Rhonda
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s Smoothies
Recipes, Nutrients & More
Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a popular nutrition guru and biomedical scientist mentored by nutrition pioneer Dr. Bruce Ames, has researched the effects of micronutrient deficiencies on human metabolism, longevity, and overall health for years. To help people improve their well-being, she made her famous smoothies abundant with micronutrients. Let’s take a look at Rhonda Patrick's smoothie recipes... Read more >
A woman with loose pants and Hydroxycut overlay
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Hydroxycut Max for Women Review:
How Good Is It for Weight Loss?
Struggling to lose weight and searching for the right supplement to help you achieve your fat-burning goals? The chances are that you’ve come across Hydroxycut, one of the best-selling US brands despite its questionable ingredients, legal issues, and proven risks of serious health complications. Hydroxycut Max for women promises a lot - slim, youthful appearance, healthy skin, hair, nails,... Read more >
Woman flexing her muscles with Shred Her overlay
By Tracy Thompson 3 years ago
NLA For Her Shred Her Review
Does This Fat Burner Really Work?
There is a glaring lack of high-quality fat-burning supplements on the market specifically designed for women. When I researched the best fat burners for women today, Shred Her kept emerging as one of the top products. The brand says they created this supplement for women to burn fat, increase energy levels, and suppress appetite. My clients spent the last few months testing this product to... Read more >
budget elliptical
By Tracy Thompson 3 years ago
The Best Budget Elliptical Machines
Affordable and Inexpensive
Most of my clients will confirm that I make them hit ellipticals as often as possible. Whether it’s as a warm-up for a cardio workout or as part of a more intense weight loss routine, getting your full body moving is one of the best ways to exercise. But it’s extremely important that the motion doesn’t over or under strain your upper and lower body. Unfortunately, this is a common... Read more >
Woman staring at an Hourglass Fit product
By Tracy Thompson 3 years ago
Hourglass Fit Review
What You Need to Know Before Buying
There seem to be hundreds of newly launched fat burners on a crowded market nowadays, right? Marketing material for most such products is often full of exaggerated health claims and success stories promising miracles. No wonder it’s so hard to pick one that’s worth your hard-earned money when you don’t know whom to trust. Our comprehensive Hourglass Fit review will help you figure out... Read more >