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A single cup of a tea with leaf
By Tyler Sellers 5 months ago
6 Best Pre-Workout Teas for Performance (A Definitive Guide)
One thing the dietary supplement industry will never talk about is how many alternatives there are to getting essential nutrients that boost your performance. As a personal trainer, I certainly recommend many of these supplements, but I also tell gym goers about the natural alternative like drinking tea. The problem is that you have to pick the right kind of tea for the specific goals you have... Read more >
Lots of Chocolate top view
By Tyler Sellers 5 months ago
Is Chocolate for Pre-Workout Good? (Explained by an Expert)
As a gym trainer, I always advise my clients to watch the sweeteners they add to their pre-workouts because not all are healthy and helpful to their fitness journeys. While consuming artificial sugars and sweeteners can add extra calories, a doctor friend told me that natural sugar compounds from chocolate and cocoa could boost you when lifting weights or during cardio. To back up these claims,... Read more >
Close up image of mass gainer supplements
By Tyler Sellers 5 months ago
Is Mass Gainer Good for Weight Loss? (Should You Use Them?)
Due to the nature of my job, I consider myself well-informed about supplements and all their applications. However, the other day, one of my clients came up with a question: could a mass gainer have the opposite effect? He claims that it makes him eat less during the day and that he reported some noticeable weight loss. I simply had to check this absurd possibility, so with my dietitian's... Read more >
Doing push ups indoors and outdoors
By Tyler Sellers 6 months ago
Do Push-Ups Burn Belly Fat? (Facts You Need to Know)
Some of the fitness colleagues I have at the gym routinely include mega reps of different push-up variations in their clients’ regimens, and I must say some of those guys really have finely sculpted bodies with shredded abs. I wondered if push-ups are what gave those guys abs and if it could be an effective approach to reducing belly fat since it's a compound strength exercise. So I devoted... Read more >
Garcinia Cambogia fruit with a woman giving a thumbs up
By Tyler Sellers 5 months ago
Is Garcinia Cambogia a Fat Burner? Does It Help Lose Weight?
The endless chatter I hear at the gym daily as a fitness trainer usually focuses on how to support weight loss with supplements. For quite some time now, there has been a growing interest in Garcinia Cambogia to increase fat loss. I strive to provide my fitness clients with trustworthy health information so they can make educated decisions, so I dove into research. I spent some time analyzing... Read more >
A woman using a smith machine
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
How Many Calories Does Weight Lifting Burn? You’ll Be Amazed
One of the questions my new fitness clients often ask me is whether lifting weights burns many calories. I have spent countless hours at the gym guiding clients, and in that time, the most significant changes in body composition were always a result of resistance training. And not just in terms of muscle mass, but fat percentage as well, which directly translates to burning calories. I also... Read more >
Measuring waist with a measuring tape
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Body Stages of Noticing Weight Loss (4 Important Phases)
Many people who take the plunge to lose weight want to see their hard work paying off quickly. Seeing results can be motivating, but I remind them that changes don’t happen overnight. Along with reaching my fitness goals, as a trainer, I have spent many years at the gym guiding countless clients through their journey of establishing healthy choices through exercise, activity, and lifestyle... Read more >
Isolated image of pumpkin spice in white background
By Tyler Sellers 6 months ago
Does Pumpkin Spice Help Burn Fat? (According to a Dietitian)
As a fitness trainer, my life revolves around calories, fat, exercise, and nutrition, so I recently began to wonder if there were any health benefits to my pumpkin spice addiction. Once again, I spent many hours researching the connection between this spice and weight loss and consulting with our dietitian, hoping that pumpkin spice lattes benefit my health. So, sip a latte and read on to find... Read more >
A person drinking water in the kitchen
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Best Time To Drink Water For Weight Loss (From A Doctor)
As a personal trainer, I get all my clients to focus heavily on their water intake before, during, and after working out. But another excellent approach is to use water for increased weight loss and fat-burning. The problem is that it’s not just down to drinking more throughout the day. So I teamed up with a doctor and metabolic specialist to research how water can help with fat loss and what... Read more >
A person going to the bathroom
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Do You Pee More When Losing Weight? What You Need to Know
When you embark on a weight loss journey, you’re likely to make significant dietary and exercise changes like decreased calorie intake and increased exercise, which may affect your urination. After several weeks into a new fitness routine, many of my fitness clients have come to me with a few questions about changes they are experiencing in their bodies, including increased urination. I... Read more >
A woman with a measuring tape around her waist
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Can Blood And Hormonal Tests Help You Lose Weight?
Understanding how your body metabolizes fat is a critical piece of information for athletes and anyone trying to lose weight. And as a personal fitness coach, I’ve had many clients who fixed their diets and exercise routine but still struggled with weight loss. Unfortunately, there are many hormones that also influence your metabolism. And to figure out what kind of tests you can do to see... Read more >
A woman holding her belly weight
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Albolene For Weight Loss (Does It Really Burn Fat)
People have been coming up with crazy ideas to lose weight for decades. But when I saw some forum posts where people were talking about the so-called Albolene cream and its impact on body fat, I figured I needed to do more research. It just sounded crazy that a moisturizing skin cleanser could have hidden benefits for fat loss. So, I teamed up with a dermatologist to see if there was any... Read more >