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Top view of different foods
By Tyler Sellers 6 months ago
How Many Carbs Should You Eat per Day to Lose Weight?
One of the most common questions I get as a personal fitness coach is about dietary macros and how many carbs people should eat to lose weight. Everyone’s metabolism is different, and age, gender, and activity levels all have an influence on weight loss. But carb intake seems to be one area where most people can make a big difference. So, to find out whether there’s a good guideline on... Read more >
Women doing running exercise outdoors
By Tyler Sellers 5 days ago
How Long Should I Workout a Day to Lose Weight?
When I develop a new weight loss program for clients, one of the first questions I usually get is how much exercise they will have to commit to for consistent results. It’s a tricky question because there are so many factors that come into play. Your starting body weight, basal metabolic rate, age, gender, and underlying health conditions can all impact whether you lose a few pounds a month or... Read more >
A fat person working out hard
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Soft Vs Firm Fat (Everything You Need To Know)
Many people don't fully understand and appreciate the impact different types of body fat have on overall health and fitness. Often, people simply think of the flabby stuff around their belly, but there's also a hard type of fat. And that fat can often be more dangerous and more difficult to get rid of. One interesting question I got from one of my clients is whether this hard fat has to first... Read more >
Close up image of Pre Workout Supplement
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Is Pre-workout Bad For Your Heart? (From A Doctor)
I've been taking recommended amounts of pre-workouts before my gym sessions for some time now, but I’ve always wondered whether that might affect my heart. After days of research and a lengthy conversation with a doctor friend, I finally understood how pre-workouts and their elements work and their effects on your heart which I'll share in this article. Let's get started. Read more >
Neila Rey showing her kettlebell
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Neila Rey Workout Review (Is It That Effective)
I first learned about Neila Rey and the hundreds of workouts she came up with a few years ago. And I’m a big fan of the site Darebee she created to share all those exercises for free. Not surprisingly, that has also caught the attention of our readers. It’s not just Neila Rey's graphic style as a designer that appeals to our readers, as many have asked for a routine of home workouts they... Read more >
A woman exercising at home
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
How to Lose Body Fat at Home (5 Best Ways)
It might seem strange that, as a personal trainer, I’m writing about how people can burn off fat at home rather than at the gym. But I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t tell our readers and clients about all the methods to maximize fat burning and get to an ideal weight level. Over the years, I’ve gained enough experience to help people set the right expectations with advice on the... Read more >
Wearing a loose pants close up image
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
How To Lose Fat Without Working Out (8 Crucial Tips)
In my time as a fitness coach, I’ve had many clients who couldn’t exercise for a period of time due to certain injuries. Many of them thought that losing weight would be impossible. However, I’ve always managed to find ways for them to kickstart their fat loss before they could get back to the gym and crank their weight loss goals. In this article, I’m going to share various weight loss... Read more >
Pre Workout supplement brands
By Tyler Sellers 2 weeks ago
12 Best Pre-Workouts Without Beta-Alanine (2023 Updated)
Some of the athletes I train disliked the tingling sensations caused by the beta-alanine in some pre-workouts. Although I told them it's not really a health concern, it distracts them throughout training. In response to this, I researched the 12 most popular pre-workouts without beta-alanine and tested them for several months to determine the best pre-workout to reduce muscle fatigue and boost... Read more >
A man in sprint starting position
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Is Sprinting Good for Fat Loss? Everything You Need to Know
Sprinting is a full-body exercise that targets the thighs, hips, leg muscles, and quadriceps. But is it good for fat loss? Being in the fitness world for over a decade, I’ve implemented sprints into my workouts numerous times. To investigate the impact of sprinting on body fat burn even further, I talked to a friend doctor and put the puzzle pieces together. Here’s what I found out. Read more >
Top view of a healthy waffle breakfast
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
5 Tasty Breakfast Foods That Burn Belly Fat
Dealing with body fat as part of a weight-loss journey or cutting phase is always a challenge. And as a personal trainer, I always tell my clients that their efforts will be 70% healthy eating and 30% exercise. One of the areas where people tend to make the biggest mistakes is with their breakfast meals. Putting the right amount of planning into your breakfast meals can set you up for many... Read more >
A man inside a sauna with a towel
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Does The Sauna Burn Fat? (Or Just A Myth)
As a personal trainer, I recommend that all my clients should sit in a sauna for 10 minutes after a workout at the gym. I always looked at this as a way for your muscles to relax, and it is part of my regular post-workout routine. But I wanted to explore if the sauna and steam room could be helpful for weight loss as well. So, I got together with the team, and we did some research into all the... Read more >
A different variety of raw vegetables
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
Do Vegetables Burn Fat? (From A Dietitian)
No matter what health and wellbeing-related articles you read online, they will pretty much always recommend that you eat more vegetables to lose belly fat. And while vegetables play a critical role in a healthy weight loss diet, it’s still possible to gain body fat if you eat the wrong types and amounts of veggies. So, to help find out what role vegetables should play when it comes to fat... Read more >