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Pouring green tea in teacup for testosterone
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
Does Green Tea Increase Testosterone? (Expert’s Opinion)
Green tea antioxidants are known for their many health benefits, including their ability to increase testosterone levels. To help you understand the correlation between green tea and testosterone and learn how to use it to improve your own hormone balance, I teamed up with our nutritionist and pored through hundreds of research. Here is what we found. Read more >
Man holding his head having brain fog
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Can Low Testosterone Cause Brain Fog? (5 Things to Know)
Many long-term male athletes I've trained over the years have complained about brain fog. Given the purported relationship between testosterone and cognition, I always have them test their levels first. To be absolutely sure whether cognitive decline can be due to hormone imbalance, I conducted a few days of detailed research and sought out an endocrinologist to review the literature with... Read more >
A man pointing to the best energy pills
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
10 Best Energy Pills (2023) Supplements That Actually Work
When I create these articles, I commit to ensuring the highest quality and accuracy of my writing, as well as the research behind it. However, on some days, my focus dwindles, and my energy gets drained. In those situations, I usually reach for energy pills, as they relieve my headaches and provide a much-needed energy boost. Having tried many of these energy pills, I decided to do an in-depth... Read more >
A man with high testosterone working out in the gym
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Signs of High Testosterone in Men and Women (Explained)
Many individuals suffer from high testosterone without actually knowing it. It is important to know what testosterone does to your body and how high levels of this hormone affect your life. So, to help you understand the signs and effects of high testosterone, I spent hours researching the science behind it. In this article, I will share all the details of what I found out. Keep on reading. Read more >
A man in workout clothes having a headache
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Can Low Testosterone Cause Migraines? (Backed by Research)
Testosterone is mainly known for regulating muscle mass, sex drive, bone strength, and overall health. But recently, studies have indicated that low testosterone may cause migraines. However, the connection isn't entirely clear. So, our team decided to do some research following consultations with a doctor to shed some light on the topic. Let’s review how low testosterone is linked to... Read more >
A boxer fixing hand protection, man mixing pre workout supplements
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
10 Best Pre-Workout for Boxing (2023) Boxer’s Perspective
Not all supplements are made equal. Some sports demand more intensity from you than others, so your body needs the right supplements to perform well. Boxing, for example, quickly depletes your body’s amino acids, energy stores, oxygen supply, and electrolytes. To find a supplement that’d help boxers perform at their peak given these demands, we conducted an experiment here at TotalShape. We... Read more >
Holding pre-workout supplement, a man with hair loss
By Tyler Sellers 2 weeks ago
Does Pre-Workout Cause Hair Loss? (According to a Doctor)
My typical routine as a fitness trainer often involves training clients and recommending nutrition and bodybuilding supplements that will help them get the best results. Recently a new client asked me: does pre-workout cause hair loss? I assured him that the claims that pre-workout supplements cause baldness are just not true. But to back my word, I decided to consult a medical doctor with whom... Read more >
A person in the gym working out with Transparent Labs Protein Powder in the foreground
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Whey Protein Review (2023)
Increasing protein intake may help boost lean muscle mass, weight loss, and injury recovery. The amount deemed sufficient for most healthy individuals is set at 0.8 grams per kilogram, according to the Recommended Dietary Allowance. While this is often achievable through food, many people find it challenging to reach the recommended amounts through their regular diet and consider supplementing... Read more >
A male runner suffering constipation in the middle of a race
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Do Steroids Cause Constipation? (7 Things You Should Know)
A few of my fitness colleagues, who were on the juice while they were young, recently shared with me how steroids have affected their bowel movements and caused constipation. While steroids can be used to treat inflammation and hasten muscle mass growth, they can lead to a host of health issues with long-term use. So, to determine whether constipation is one of the common negative effects, I... Read more >
A couple doing stretches outside with Mind Lab Pro on the foreground
By Tyler Sellers 2 weeks ago
Mind Lab Pro Review (2023) Is It Worth Buying?
As a personal trainer, helping my clients set and reach their fitness goals is a key part of my job. I do this by recommending a healthy diet, a tailored workout program, and dietary supplements I personally tried and approved. I was especially excited to test the Mind Lab Pro nootropic supplement as some of my colleagues told me they noticed measurable results like improved mental performance,... Read more >
Man pointing at Forskolin skeletal structure
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Does Forskolin Increase Testosterone? (Explained by Science)
I have many male and female fitness clients who struggle with low testosterone and are looking for ways to increase their levels naturally. Some of them asked me recently if Coleus forskohlii supplementation would do the trick. To better determine if forskolin would genuinely benefit them or be a waste of time, I pored over many medical studies, and I took my notes to our in-house dietician for... Read more >
A male chef holding up a bottle of olive oil
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
Does Olive Oil Increase Testosterone? (Science-Based)
Over the past few years, I’ve come across a lot of people at my gym who take anabolic steroids to help them reach their fitness goals. The unfortunate reality is that these kinds of enhancers can cause severe side effects like liver damage or high blood pressure. That said, I’m always interested in finding new alternatives and natural methods for boosting testosterone. Recently, I’ve found... Read more >