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Thesis Nootropics products in a row on the grass
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
Thesis Nootropics Review (2023) Is It Worth The Hype?
I have become a big fan of nootropic supplements as a way to boost motivation and concentration during workouts. And as a personal fitness coach, I’ve seen many of my clients fast-track their goals using these supplements. One product that recently came to my attention is Thesis, and what struck me the most was the personalized nootropics approach. So, I got together with my dietitian to do... Read more >
The Weight loss of Marcus Mumford
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
Marcus Mumford’s Weight Loss Story (Diet & Exercise Leaked)
Marcus Mumford managed to surprise the world with a significant body transformation when he showed off his weight loss on live TV. And when our team hears of such significant success stories, especially from one of our favorite bands, we always analyze how they achieved it to learn something or motivate our clients. So, we spent a day going through interviews and TV appearances to see what... Read more >
Jason Lee's weight loss journey picture comparison side by side
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Jason Lee Weight Loss Journey (Workouts & Diet Exposed)
Jason Lee is a media personality who gained popularity for his witty blogs on the Hollywood Unlocked gossip site. He also appeared on a TV show called Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, and that’s where people first started commenting about his weight online. In typical media fashion, that resulted in some hurtful comments. But Jason decided during lockdown to take his health more seriously. And... Read more >
A scoop of protein powder being spread around
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
1UP Nutrition Review (2023) Read This Before You Buy
I recently found out that 1UP Nutrition offers a protein supplement, and the online reviews I researched were mixed. While many say it lives up to its promise, some critics say it doesn't taste great and hasn't delivered the expected results. As usual, I wanted to give you an objective and unbiased 1UP Nutrition review. To do this, I spent several weeks researching all the ingredients and their... Read more >
David Venable eating cookies during christmas
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
David Venable’s Weight Loss Story (Workouts & Diet Exposed)
David Venable is an American TV personality, and if you’ve ever tuned into QVC, you’ve probably watched this fun and charismatic man who is full of life. But his lifestyle and constantly being surrounded by delicious food on his TV show ultimately led to him gaining weight and receiving warnings from his doctor. He then took drastic action and became an inspiration for anyone trying to lose... Read more >
Performing a deadlift in gym
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
Do Deadlifts Increase Testosterone? (From a Fitness Coach)
As a personal fitness coach, I often get asked by clients if there are certain exercises that can help with boosting testosterone and, consequently, muscle growth. Some people believe that any kind of weight lifting or cardio workout will help. But my experience is that some compound exercises, like deadlifts, work better than others. So, I got together with a doctor who specializes in sports... Read more >
Chris Hemsworth smiling at the camera
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Is Chris Hemsworth on Steroids? (Revealed)
American fitness enthusiasts can’t seem to agree on whether Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth takes steroids or not. The hunky star of blockbuster movies like Marvel Studios “Thor” and “Avengers: Endgame” has been the subject of intense speculation in recent years. Many people are convinced that he must be using some sort of performance-enhancing drugs to maintain his chiseled features... Read more >
A beautiful woman playing pool
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
10 Hottest Female Pool Players (2023 Updated)
Even though it’s not a sport requiring top-notch fitness and physique, many female billiard competitors are in great shape and garner much attention from their fans all over the world for their looks. Recently at Total Shape, we got into a discussion about the most attractive billiards players, and it took us almost a week to cherry-pick the hottest among them. Also, to make sure the list is... Read more >
Measuring stomach excess fat
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Does Low Testosterone Cause Weight Gain? (3 Things to Know)
When the scale goes the wrong way, many of my male clients come to me asking if their low testosterone could be the culprit. I know from my own experience that there’s an intimate relationship between testosterone and weight gain, but I decided to tackle the science behind this question as well by reading several medical studies and discussing the literature with an endocrinologist. Let’s... Read more >
Dolls representing testosterone and estrogen
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Testosterone vs. Estrogen (What’s the Difference?)
Prompted to visit their doctor after experiencing fatigue and not seeing the body composition improvements they expect, many of my fitness clients learn their hormone levels are out of whack. My female clients are surprised to learn that testosterone can affect this imbalance, while the men are equally surprised to learn estrogen is at work with their total testosterone levels. To better advise... Read more >
Close up shot of a sack of soy poured on a table
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Does Soy Lower Testosterone? (4 Things You Need to Know)
As a personal fitness coach, I have seen a lot of vegan and non-vegan athletes switch to soy protein supplements. There are some benefits from doing this, but in quite a few conversations with my dietitian, she did mention that soy could affect testosterone levels. I know diet has a significant impact on testosterone levels, but I wanted to find out what science has to say about soy consumption... Read more >
Stressed out person on sofa
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
Does Stress Affect Weight Loss? (From A Dietitian)
As a personal fitness coach, I often deal with people who are desperately struggling with weight loss. Some believe they are doing everything right by eating less and being more physically active. However, I learned from my dietitian years ago that stress hormones can significantly influence body weight. So, I decided to spend a day with her to go through reliable scientific research papers to... Read more >