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Two people using syringes on small bottles
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
The Difference Between Steroid and Cortisone (From a Doctor)
Here at TotalShape, our take on steroid use has always been avoiding them at all costs. In my career as a fitness trainer for over a decade, I’ve seen many athletes take steroids illegally. But I’ve also come across those who’ve been accused of steroid use for taking cortisone shots to treat certain ailments. Since there’s a lot of confusion out there about different steroids, I teamed... Read more >
Close up shot of a syringe on a white table
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Is HGH a Steroid? (Differences Explained)
As a gym owner and fitness coach, I've seen many people using human growth hormone (HGH) as steroids. This notion captured my attention, and I wanted to determine if HGH is a steroid. I sat down with my doctor friend and went through a vast amount of research to learn more about HGH. In this article, I will combine my previous knowledge and what I found out and explain whether HGH is a steroid... Read more >
A scoop of pre-workout powder on a table
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Why Is My Pre-Workout Clumpy? (2 Easy Methods to Fix It)
Anyone who regularly consumes pre-workouts has at least once come across a tub of clumpy powder. This, of course, raises concerns as to whether it's still effective or safe to consume. In fact, it's one of the most common questions I get about pre-workouts. So, to put your minds at ease, I’ve taken some time to research the matter and put together a ‘Guide to Clumped Pre-Workout’ that... Read more >
Tessa Brooks working out outside in the field
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Tessa Brooks’ Weight Loss Story (Diet and Workout Revealed)
As a fitness trainer, what I love most about weight loss success stories from celebrities is that they motivate people to work out. Tessa Brooks is a well-known YouTube vlogger who recently underwent a noticeable weight loss transformation, dropping 20 lbs. This got fans curious about how Tessa lost weight. Hoping to learn something from her approach and motivate my clients, I spent a couple of... Read more >
Close up shot of a scoop of Maca
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Is Maca Pre-Workout Good? (6 Healthy Benefits You Must Know)
Maca is one of the many popular items in the superfood world. Many bodybuilders and athletes use it to boost their energy levels and supplement their diet. As a fitness expert, I was curious whether its effects were real or exaggerated. So, I teamed up with a dietician, read some clinical studies, and even had some clients incorporate this supplement into their diet. Here’s what we found. Read more >
Top view of picking up fish oil
By Tyler Sellers 2 weeks ago
Can Fish Oil Reduce Belly Fat? (9 Amazing Health Benefits)
Fish oil refers to oil extracted from the tissue of fatty fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, and cod. But in this article, we’ll be referring to the supplements commonly used among fitness enthusiasts and common folks. And while several studies show it’s great for heart health and bodybuilding, it led me to wonder if it plays a role in burning belly fat. So, I paired up with a fellow... Read more >
Holding two supplement container
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Can You Mix Pre-Workout With Protein Shake? (Quick Guide)
Many of my clients who want to lose fat and gain muscle have asked me at least once if they can take a protein shake and pre-workout at the same time. The two supplements were meant to help people achieve different health and fitness goals, but I decided to build on what I know from my professional experience with a few days of additional research on the benefits and drawbacks of combining... Read more >
A hot female table tennis player posing for the camera
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
10 Hottest Female Table Tennis Players (2023 Updated)
It's no secret that there are plenty of absolutely amazing and incredibly talented female table tennis players, and they're sure to inspire you to hit the courts yourself. But we decided to ask our readers to participate in a survey and make a list of the top 10 picks based only on physical appearance. The survey lasted for one month, and the results are in. So without further ado, it's time to... Read more >
A male skier taking a selfie in the mountains
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
12 Hottest Male Skiers (2023 Updated)
My friends in the fitness world and I can get into pretty spirited debates about who makes the list of sexiest athletes, and recently we were discussing sexy male skiers. Though we may not always agree with who should be on the list, we do agree that to compete at a high level in any sport requires top-notch fitness, both physically and mentally. After much discussion, our group came up with a... Read more >
A person sneezing with telekast f in the foreground
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Telekast F Tablet (What Is It and Is It Effective?)
If you are like me and many others worldwide suffering from seasonal allergies, you know the struggle to get through the day, never mind getting a workout in. I’m always on the lookout for the best way to get relief so I can get back into my routine. That is why when I heard a talk at the gym about how great Telekast F is for allergies, I had to do some research. With the help of our medical... Read more >
A man holding bottle of pills and syringe
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
Can Anabolic Steroids Cause Cancer? (According to a Doctor)
As a fitness trainer, I have many discussions with my clients about performance-enhancing drugs, primarily the significant risks involved. Many clients are curious because they see other people’s fast and massive muscle gains and know precisely how they got there, leaving them to wonder if they should try steroids too. The risks of doping with an anabolic steroid are plenty. Still, my focus... Read more >
Pink tablets on a table
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
How to Use Dianabol Tablets? (3 Steps From a Nutritionist)
As a fitness trainer, I often hear clients and other gym goers tempted to fast-track their gains by using anabolic steroids like Dianabol. Dianabol or other anabolic steroids present a considerable risk that some people don’t consider because the reward is so appealing. One of the critical roles of a fitness trainer is to provide the clients with all they need to make informed decisions.... Read more >