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  • Tyler Sellers is an author, trained athlete and expert in fitness techniques. With contributions to prominent publications such as Men’s Health, The Healthy, Fox Business, NerdWallet, Weight Watchers, and MSN, he shares his knowledge of scientific methods like progressive overload and macro calculations to optimize workouts.
  • Tyler's approach extends beyond physical techniques, emphasizing the significance of mental techniques like the flow state and mind-muscle connection. This holistic perspective enriches the reader's fitness journey with a focus on both body and mind.
  • As a leader in the fitness industry, Tyler's philosophy centers around motivating "go-getters" to pursue health and wellness as a foundation for achieving personal goals. His writing combines scientific accuracy with motivational guidance.


Tyler Sellers' experience as a trained athlete and fitness techniques expert informs his writing process. His practical application of techniques like progressive overload and macro calculations adds a real-world aspect to his advice.

Tyler's unique perspective is a result of his scientific foundation, mental techniques integration, and deep understanding of the athlete's perspective. His approach is not just about physical well-being but also personal growth and motivation.


Tyler holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Santa Clara University, reflecting his well-rounded academic background.

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