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Does Apple Cider Vinegar Boost Testosterone? (Revealed)

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
Fact checked by Donald Christman, BHSc FACT CHECKED
Last updated: May 29, 2023

As a certified fitness coach, on my quest to find the best remedy to increase testosterone, I came across the notion that apple cider vinegar (ACV) can boost your T levels.

So, I decided to do extensive research on the topic and consulted with a doctor friend of mine to determine whether ACV really is a T booster.

In this article, I will discuss the benefits and use of apple cider vinegar, its effects on testosterone, and whether it can treat erectile dysfunction.

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Quick Summary

  • Apple cider vinegar can boost testosterone levels by helping manage high blood glucose and hypertension, which cause low testosterone levels.
  • Some other benefits of apple cider vinegar include treating erectile dysfunction symptoms.
  • Low testosterone, and stress, are the causes of erectile dysfunction.

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar in a jar

Apple cider vinegar is fermented apple juice with a strong, sour flavor.

This vinegar is made from freshly picked apples and then filtered to convert them into alcohol.

Apple vinegar has acetic acid, a powerful antioxidant with many health benefits. Like apple juice, it comprises enzymes, proteins, and pectin [1].

Some claim that ACV may be used as an organic and homemade remedy for erectile dysfunction and testosterone boosting.

Let's examine more closely how apple cider vinegar works with the hormone.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Affect Testosterone?

Apple cider vinegar jar top view with man uncomfortable

Yes, apple cider vinegar is one of the best fat-burning drinks that may affect testosterone by naturally increasing its levels.

Apple cider vinegar is gaining popularity as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and testosterone boosting. However, there is no concrete scientific data to back up this notion.

A recent study on the relationship between ACV usage and testosterone suggests that the compound may impact testosterone indirectly, rendering it an effective alternative therapy option.

ACV may help with a variety of issues that contribute to reduced testosterone levels, such as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which can lead to decreased sex drive or an increase in body fat mass.

Below are some of the ways in which ACV affects the levels of testosterone in the body.

Balancing Insulin Levels

Checking insulin levels using a device

One of ACV's most noticeable impacts is its blood glucose control ability, as it slows the pace at which glucose reaches the bloodstream [2].

During the digestive process, our bodies typically encounter abrupt sugar spikes.

The natural secretion of insulin is essential for counteracting these spikes. However, people with diabetes produce less insulin [3].

Drinking cider vinegar reduces sugar spikes and balances insulin levels.

It decreases glucose distribution into the blood without lowering its effects, improving insulin sensitivity in diabetes patients.

But how does this affect testosterone?

Throughout the years, much research has demonstrated a strong connection between diabetes and decreased testosterone levels. In reaction to insulin sensitivity, the hormone helps the body's tissues absorb blood sugar [4].

Diabetes increases the chance of harmful fat accumulation and insulin resistance, which directly creates a testosterone imbalance within the system.

So, ACV increases testosterone and decreases estrogen by controlling the levels of blood glucose.

Treating Obesity

Pinching fats on the side of their body

Similarly, those taking ACV may also use its advantages of treating obesity to increase testosterone levels and prevent erectile dysfunction.

Obesity is frequently associated with a decrease in testosterone levels. The opposite is also true, with data indicating that low testosterone levels can lead to body weight gain [5].

This is due to existing testosterone being converted to estrogen by fat cells, leaving the body with low testosterone levels.

Obesity also reduces sex hormone-binding globulin, which is essential for transporting testosterone within the blood.

In addition, ACV, combined with carbohydrate-rich meals, can make you full for a long time.

A spoonful of cider vinegar has only three calories. On the other hand, a cup of vinegar with water might keep you fuller longer. Consuming it right before a meal will reduce your overall calorie intake.

According to one study, consuming tiny doses of cider vinegar regularly for three months accelerated weight reduction in obese participants [6].

As a result, ACV can help decrease abdominal fat while increasing testosterone levels in the body.

"ACV is a calorie-free healthy drink! A teaspoon of ACV has only three to five calories and minimal sugar. But take it with caution: it's incredibly potent and should be diluted with eight ounces of water."

- Marc Schwartz, MD

Regulating Metabolic Processes

Holding a bloated stomach

Metabolic syndrome is a medical disorder characterized by an abnormal rise in hypertension, waist size, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels [7].

These alterations can directly result in a higher risk of heart disease and decreased testosterone levels.

Regularly drinking ACV may help you lose weight. Apple cider vinegar can also regulate and manage these health concerns effectively.

It may also improve the body's natural hormone levels to boost overall reproductive health benefits.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

A glass full of apple cider vinegar

Yes, apple cider vinegar can treat erectile dysfunction by targeting the underlying causes, such as heart disease, and lowering the levels of blood cholesterol and lipids.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) and early ejaculation are among the most frequent sexual problems.

Low testosterone levels, anxiety, depression, tension, high blood pressure, diabetes, being overweight, and a variety of other factors are some of the most prevalent reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Apple cider vinegar is thought to be effective in changing all of these factors, and as a result, it may be able to cure and protect against ED in the coming years [8].

For decades, men struggling with erectile dysfunction have used apple cider vinegar.

This type of vinegar has been regarded as one of the top natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, along with L-arginine, Tongkat Ali, Panax Ginseng, and Maca root [9].

"Along with natural remedies for medical disorders that might be contributing to ED, apple cider vinegar could be a helpful supplement. "

-  Debra Rose, Ph.D., Master of Science in Nursing

So, apple cider vinegar cures your erectile dysfunction problems by addressing the potential risks and underlying causes that result in the onset of ED in the first place.

Other Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Top view of an apple cider vinegar bottle, a man holding a weighing scale

Besides boosting testosterone levels, apple cider vinegar offers other health benefits, which are discussed below.

Diabetes Management and Blood Sugar Control

To date, among the most promising uses of vinegar is in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is marked by elevated blood sugar concentrations caused by insulin resistance and the inability to generate insulin [10].

Individuals who don't have diabetes, on the other hand, can benefit from maintaining normal blood glucose levels since some studies believe that excessive blood sugar levels are a primary cause of aging and numerous chronic illnesses.

The most efficient and healthiest strategy to control blood glucose levels is to eliminate processed carbohydrates and sugar. However, ACV may also help.

According to one small study, vinegar may enhance insulin sensitivity by 19–34% following a high-carb diet and considerably reduce blood glucose as well as insulin response [11].

Improved Digestion

Fermented ACV, like many other fermented products, contains good bacteria – the gut-friendly bacterium that aids in the proper functioning of your gastrointestinal process [12].

Cider vinegar may provide relief for persons suffering from stomach issues such as heartburn or indigestion.

This is because it neutralizes acid in the stomach, whereas acetic acid in it attacks harmful microorganisms.

ACV has also been demonstrated to have antibacterial, anti-yeast, and antifungal properties, which are beneficial to the microbiota and general immunological health [13].

Improved Heart Health

A device that measures a heart rate and blood pressure

Over time, taking apple cider vinegar may lower your risks of heart disease, like high blood pressure and stroke.

Serum triglyceride levels, which enable fatty plaque to accumulate in your arteries, are reduced by ACV.

In small-scale research comparing malt and apple cider vinegar, scientists discovered that ACV reduced cholesterol levels in those whose concentrations were not alarmingly high [14].

However, malt vinegar did not produce the same effects. Experts believe this is due to a component in apple cider vinegar identified as pectin, which is a type of fiber.

Pectin, found in apples, can help neutralize bad cholesterol, lowering the risk of developing high blood pressure.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Pouring apple cider vinegar on a salad to boost testosterone

In addition to the simple method of using it as a homemade salad dressing, you can also make a daily glass of water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

You can begin by taking apple cider vinegar in low doses, one to two tablespoons in 250 milliliters of water. Monitor your body's reaction and raise the dose over time.

While vinegar is generally harmless, consuming too much of it might cause vomiting or nausea.

I use approximately three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar for cooking my meals, add it to my water and carry it to the gym or work.


What Does Apple Cider Vinegar Do for the Male Body?

Apple cider vinegar benefits the male body by enhancing fat-burning and weight reduction, reducing glucose levels, increasing sensitivity to insulin, and improving cholesterol levels.

What Does Apple Cider Vinegar Do to Hormones?

Apple cider vinegar helps balance the hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone in the body.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Raise Estrogen Levels?

No, apple cider vinegar does not raise estrogen levels. It reduces these hormones while increasing testosterone in the body.

Is It Ok to Take 2 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar a Day?

Yes, it is okay to take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day. However, you should start with a lower amount and increase gradually.

Should You Take ACV to Increase Testosterone?

In conclusion, apple cider vinegar has been shown to boost testosterone levels by targeting the root causes of low levels of this hormone.

However, including ACV in your diet should be a preventative measure. If you want to increase your already low T levels, I recommend using only the top natural testosterone boosters.

We’ve tested dozens of supplements and compiled the ones made of pure ingredients that have been clinically proven to work.


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