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10 Benefits of Having a Home Gym (Get Fit & Save Time)

Tracy Thompson
Published by Tracy Thompson | Senior Coach
Last updated: August 7, 2023

A home gym has numerous benefits; spending less time in traffic and exercising in the comfort of your home are just a few.

Based on my experience, I recommend that everybody with enough budget and passion for having the best fitness results buy a home gym.

I had two home gyms in the past, and I can say that the benefits far outweigh the money spent and the headache that may come when setting it up.

Below you can find the 10 benefits of having a home gym that will change how you think about them and help you decide to buy one.

Quick Summary

  • Home gym can save you time and help you stay more consistent with your workouts.
  • Home gym provides you freedom of working out in the perfect exercise environment.
  • Experience privacy and avoid going to the gym during bad weather.

10 Benefits of Owning a Home Gym

benefits of having a home gym

There are numerous benefits of having a home gym. I curated the list based on my own experience.

Let's glance over the most significant ones.

1. Be Consistent With Your Fitness Routine

Staying consistent with your workouts is easier. Sticking to an exercise routine nowadays can be challenging and time-consuming.

Having a home gym can avoid all the hassles like packing up towels, clothes, shampoo, and a water bottle, fighting traffic, and having headaches from being unable to find a free parking lot.

If you decide to work out now, just change your clothes, and you are ready to start.

2. Save Time and Skip Lines

This one was a game-changer for me because of how busy my client schedule was.

Packing your gym bag, going to the commercial gym, unpacking in the locker room, working out, taking a shower, putting your clothes back in the gym bag, and coming back to your house takes a considerable chunk of your time.

If your workouts last 1.5 hours, you always need to add an extra hour to two because of all the previously mentioned things.

With a home gym, all that extra time can be used more productively to rest, spend time with your family, or even do more work.

Multiply that extra time yearly, and you will get 20-30 days of wasted time.

3. Exercise Whenever You Want

Man exercising in the back yard

There is no need to wait for the perfect time to avoid bad traffic or visit the commercial gym when it is less crowded.

You become a lot more flexible with time, and all you need to do is jump on your treadmill or elliptical and start working out.

In addition, you can split your 2-hour workouts into a few short 30-minute home gym workout plan if your schedule doesn't allow you to be absent for that long.

4. Perfect Exercise Environment

There is no need to follow gym dress codes or if your clothes fit or make you look athletic. If you feel like it, you can even do a whole workout shirtless.

Wear whatever you want whenever you want, and work out with exactly the equipment you want.

In addition, you can also set your perfect room temperature and change it based on your needs.

Let's not mention anything about music and great speakers which can motivate you to complete your workouts with ease.

Also, depending on your mood, you can blast your favorite music or choose something quieter if you don't feel like it.

5. Privacy

Woman doing stretches in the lounge

A home gym is one of the rare "facilities" that allows you to stay private.

Exercises relieve anxiety and stress, compared to the local gym that can make you feel more nervous and intimidated [1].

One of the shocking statistics shows that 36% of men and 65% of women avoid going to the gym because of their insecurities [2].

When you have your home gym, there aren't any stress factors.

You can enjoy your daily workouts without worrying about others judging your appearance or ability to use the equipment correctly or even have a correct exercise form.

6. Save Tons of Money

The benefits of a home gym outweigh the costs in the long run. In addition, you will avoid paying for a monthly gym membership or annual fees.

Also, when you go to the commercial gym, that ties many other things like paying for gas so you can drive, which is costly in today's economy.

If you have other family members enjoying working out like your kids, you won't have to buy their gym membership either.

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7. Be Available for Your Kids

Woman exercising with a baby

Finding quality care for your children can be challenging, so why not do it yourself from the comfort of your home, all while staying consistent with your daily workouts and not having to pay for gym membership costs?

This is why having your own gym is so valuable.

You can let your children play in the backyard or let your baby nap in the room next to yours.

8. Make Your Own Rules

Complete a intense, full-body workout while doing your favorite exercises without worrying about putting back the fitness equipment for someone else to use.

Choose the music you love or the tv show you want to watch while doing steady-state cardio (SSC) on your treadmill or elliptical. 

If you don't feel like putting your fitness equipment back in their place, you might leave them as they are, and nobody can say anything to you.

When you have your own home gym, you have complete freedom to do whatever you want, however you want, in whichever order you want.

9. No Waiting Around

Exercise machine in a house

One of the most significant benefits of a home gym is you don't have to wait around for somebody to finish on a particular machine, and you can stay on one machine for an entire workout session.

Nothing is holding you back from optimizing your workout and doing exercises with your favorite home gym equipment in the exact order your workout program states you to do.

10. Train With Friends

Having a friend work out with you can be extremely useful if you perform heavy squats, deadlifts, and bench presses that require spotting.

You can enjoy crushing your newest PR (personal record) while feeling safer because your friend is there to spot you and help if something goes wrong.

"Basically, your partner is helping you with the load on a few reps so you can drive to muscle failure a bit more and push more metabolic damage in the muscle—which could lead to more growth."

- Ebenezer Samuel, Certified Personal Trainer & Men's Health Fitness Director


Is a Home Gym Effective?

Yes, a home gym is effective. You can save more time by exercising in the comfort of your home, enjoying your privacy, being more consistent with your workouts, and not having to pay for a gym membership.

Can You Build Muscle With a Home Gym?

Yes, you can build muscle with a home gym. Building muscle at a home gym is as effective as building it in a regular gym.

Which Is Better Home Gym or Gym?

The home gym is better than the gym. If you have enough money to build your home gym, you can benefit from more consistent workouts, privacy, and exercising whenever you want.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Home Gym?

You should consider buying a home gym because it saves time, makes you more consistent with your workouts, and you can enjoy your privacy.

A home gym coupled with high-quality fitness equipment can help you achieve your fitness goals faster and easier.

But how do I know what high-quality home gym equipment is, and where should I buy it?

If that’s your main concern, read our article on the best compact home gym machines and get a first-hand review of high-quality equipment for your future home gym.


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