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How to Clean Your Home Gym Equipment? (A Quick Guide)

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: August 2, 2023

As a personal fitness coach, I have worked in many different gyms. And I know how much effort goes into keeping a gym and fitness center clean and hygienic.

But people underestimate how much effort goes into keeping a fitness facility that clean. And the same effort needs to go into a home gym.

To help our readers better understand the ideal process, I spent some time with the cleaning company staff at my gym to get some tips on the best possible process.

Let’s find out how to clean home gym equipment properly.

Quick Summary

  • Home gym equipment might not get as much use from different athletes, but the same sweat and dirt can build up, making it a health hazard.
  • It takes more than an occasional disinfectant wipe and warm water to keep home fitness facilities clean.
  • It’s also important to let everything air dry completely after regular cleaning before you start using it again.

How Do You Clean Workout Equipment At Home?

A man cleaning workout equipment at home

You can clean home workout equipment at home with a good-quality disinfectant spray bottle.

And if you don’t like using harsh chemicals on home gym equipment, then you could mix your own tea tree oil with soapy water [1].

Here’s how to approach different pieces of equipment.

Cleaning Machines

When it comes to cardio equipment and weight machines, you need to regularly give them a thorough clean of the entire machine, even in areas that you might not touch directly.

You’d be surprised how far beads of sweat will fly on cardio machines, and that’s why you need to check all areas of a machine.

Spray them with your preferred disinfectant and wipe all surfaces. You can use a dry microfiber cloth to finish it off or just leave it dry for half an hour.

“Before a workout, wipe down the equipment and mats with a disinfectant spray or wipe. Then do the next person a favor -- wipe down equipment after every workout.”

- Sabrina Felson, MD at

Cleaning Weights

A person cleaning up weights in a home gym

If you regularly use barbells, dumbbells, or other free weights as part of your exercise equipment, then I would use disinfectant wipes after each training session.

You should also give them a deep clean once a month, where you properly spray them with disinfectant and give them a scrub.

Cleaning Floor and Yoga Mats

A yoga mat is typically made of foam material, which means it will absorb some amount of sweat.

But deep cleaning a yoga mat can be a bit more difficult. What I tend to do is soak the mat in a bath with some disinfectant.

It can take a day or two to then fully dry, but it’s worth doing once a month. 

And if you have rubber floors in your gym, then wipe over them with disinfecting wipes once a week, and use a mop once a month for a deeper clean.

If you do not have floors yet, check out our guide on the best flooring for a home gym.

Cleaning Accessories

For other home gym essentials like resistance bands, foam rollers, yoga blocks, and push-up bars, I would suggest using a microfiber cloth with a cleaning spray once a week or every two weeks.

This does depend on how often you use it, but it’s important to clean the entire surface as sweat can get everywhere.

How Often Should You Deep Clean It?

A woman deep cleaning gym equipment

You should deep clean your home gym equipment at least once a month.

Even if you’re the only person using it, sweat and dirt can quickly attract bacteria, making it a bit of a health hazard.

And if you use a microfiber cloth and a disinfectant to clean off the main surfaces after each workout, then you’ll stay on top of those nasty bacteria.

You can even use mild dish soap in home gyms, but I would recommend wiping the surfaces completely dry as the soap could be slippery when it dries.

And slipping in a gym can lead to many of the most common workout injuries [2].


What Disinfectant Is Safe for Gym Equipment?

Alcohol-based disinfectants tend to be the safest for gym equipment. The reason is that they kill the majority of germs and also dry very quickly. That means the equipment is ready to use again almost straight away.

Do You Clean Gym Equipment Before or After Workouts?

You should clean gym equipment both before and after a workout. Wiping a machine or weight plates down twice gives the extra peace of mind that you’re leaving it the way you found it.

Keep Your Gym as Clean as Possible

Cleaning gym equipment should be part of your regular workout routine. And at least once a month, I recommend doing a deeper cleaning process to really make sure it won’t become a health hazard.

One other thing you might want to consider is the type of flooring you use.

With commercial-grade rubber mats, you’ll ensure that sweat isn’t absorbed, and that makes cleaning it down properly a lot easier.

Our team has tested many of the top exercise mats, and we have a recommended list that you should check out.


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