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How To Set Up a Stylish & Functional Home Gym (Pro Tips)

Christiana Mikesch
Published by Christiana Mikesch | Senior Coach
Last updated: August 28, 2023

Establishing an area for your daily routine is good. Whether you want to transform a small home space of your flat or remodel your garage, putting up your home gym will be beneficial.

I'm sure you don't want your gym to appear wholly distinct from the rest of your house.

As a fitness coach, I extensively studied setting up a stylish and functional home gym. I also interviewed a few professionals for advice on injecting flair into this practical room.

Quick Summary

  • You should always pick the right location for your home gym, particularly with plenty of space and light.
  • You should design a home gym that gives you motivation to work out. If the brilliant colors and attractive designs inspire you to work out, go for it.
  • You should install foam tiles or rubber on your home gym floor to support the weight of the heavy gym equipment or weights and avoid breaking the initial flooring.

Setting up a Stylish And Functional Home Gym

Close up shot of a stylish home gym

Consider repurposing drawers or shelves by adding resistance bands, dumbbells, and a roller that may be conveniently tucked away and removed. The best choice is to have a portable home gym, such as a high-quality fan for a home gym, as they are a versatile solution which allows you to bring a gym environment to your home conveniently and easily.

Adding a few key items of fitness gym equipment doesn't have to be that expensive either, and you can find great tools at a low price.

If you're new to training, try this before committing to a pricey gym membership.

If you find balancing work and family obligations challenging, a home gym makes it much simpler to find time to workout.

It is possible to overcome obstacles to obtaining your fitness goals by having convenient access to workout equipment.

Pick The Right Location

A very well decorated home gym

Where you place your gym is critical. It should be the first space you notice when you walk in and has plenty of floor space and natural light.

And if the room is windowless, you can use ample light sources, such as LED strip lights, sconces, and even pendants, to offer sufficient illumination.

Consider transforming an attic area into an open, breezy exercise room.

A separate gym room (like a spare bedroom) is preferred, but if the space is small to place a gym at home, consider creating a distinct training zone elsewhere.

"I am witnessing an increase in the number of clients who desire their home gyms to be in prime locations. They now see this area as equally crucial as a bathroom or kitchen."

- Sabrina Albanese, Interior Designer.

Choose a well-lit location if you're not attempting to create a dark, party-like mood.

Also, consider a space with no furniture or highly used items.

Having to set up the equipment every time you want to workout may discourage you, so ideally, you want a gym design that does not need shifting furniture.

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Tailor It To Your Style

Well-designed home gyms may be as attractive as any other room in the house.

It all comes down to what works best for you.

If vibrant colors and striking designs urge you to exercise, go for it.

If you want to create a yoga or meditation room, choose calming, neutral hues and natural elements like stone and wood.

Choose The Best Equipment

Gym equipment in a stylish home gym

Even if you prefer community fitness classes, you may obtain a sense of belonging by engaging in programs from equipment like Peleton and Rowers.

Choose the ones with compact gear, such as Tonal and Mirror, that have been proven to provide full-body exercises in a very little space [1].

For those residing in a home where your sitting room might need to serve as a home gym, consider Multipurpose equipment.

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Ensure Proper Lighting

Yoga and Pilates are better suited to gentle, low lighting, but with high-intensity workouts, safety comes first. That is why proper lighting is essential.

The best option would be to arrange a lighting combo. Diffused LED panel lighting in ceiling coffers and woodwork will provide a lovely, uplifting flood of light [2].

Overhead-down LED lighting will provide enough task illumination.

I prefer to add some sculptural modern bronze and crystal wall lights as accent lighting, so a gym is an attractive and thoughtful setting.

Natural light is also essential, so if yours is situated in the backyard, take advantage of this by designing a home gym with a lot of glazing - sliding/folding glazed doors that could open out to the garden would be amazing in summer - and perfect for ventilation.

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Install Audio Or Visual

In an expert gym, music or television diverts attention or motivates you as you hit the elliptical or exercise bike – and there's no justification to include one when developing a home gym.

A must-have is a smart system you can control with your voice to play the music that matches your vibe.

You can use a wall-mounted smart television to pass the time or access online workout programs.

Decorating A Home Gym

A well decorated stylish home gym

Designing a home gym with the same effort as indoors is essential. This includes lighting, aesthetics, décor, and acoustics.

Mirrored Walls

If you can swing a complete wall, it can increase the muscular effect of your exercise [2].

Use a full-length mirror to mount on the wall if your area is too tiny or only a room section.

It's also a terrific technique to reflect light around a space without windows.

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Practical Flooring

Consider the surface at your gym. Isn't it elastic, waterproof, and simple to clean? Introduce a similar feel to where you workout at home.

Underfoot foam tiles or rubber can support you throughout exercises and reduce any noise your movements may generate.

They can also shield your initial flooring from heavy devices or weights.

Lastly, know how to properly install your home gym flooring.

Nice Storage

Storage is crucial, whether containers, closed drawers, or an uncovered wall-mounted system.

When planning your setup, keep in mind that equipment accessibility is critical. You won't utilize it if it's difficult to get out.

Low, wide shelves are ideal for storing weight. A magnificent wood shelf provides both style and function if people don't want to use adjustable weights and prefer a whole set.

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How Can I Make My Home Gym Look Nice?

You can make your home gym look nice by factoring in the lighting, types of equipment, and flooring used in the space of choice.

What Should I Put on the Floor of My Home Gym?

What you should put on the floor of your home gym are rubber or foam tiles that can support heavy equipment or weights.

What Is the First Thing To Buy in a Home Gym?

The first thing to buy in a home gym is versatile products like bands, pairs of dumbbells, kettlebells, jump rope, yoga mat, and a pull-up bar.

Essentials to Style Up Your Home Gym

There are variables to evaluate that you may not have considered, such as warranty, future upgrades, and characteristics of devices that you may use to style your home gym

After you’ve styled your home gym, there are certain essentials you need for your gym.

Check out our article about best compact home gym machines you need to have, and get home gym equipment ideas to set up an ideal at-home workout space.


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