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Lifespan Cycle Boxer Review (2023 Upd.) Is it Worth buying?

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers
Last updated: April 13, 2023

Bored to death of treadmills and stationary bikes but still like high-impact training they can provide?

Good news!

There’s a unique, inventive, full-body workout solution that combines upright cycling and boxing, offering an entertaining and challenging strength-cardio training combo.

Believe me when I say that it’s possible to shed excess pounds, build muscle, and improve coordination, focus, endurance, speed, and much more in a playful way?

Our in-depth review of the LifeSpan CYCLE BOXER reveals everything you need to know before figuring out whether to add this compact interactive machine to your home gym arsenal to spice up your workout routines.

What Is The Cycle Boxer From LifeSpan?

The Cycle Boxer from LifeSpan is the first and only fitness equipment that combines biking with boxing so you can enjoy more intense and less boring cardio workouts. It’s an upright exercise bike with a punch pad with solid construction to keep you in position for the entire session.

It aims to condition the whole body at once so you can burn more fat, build lean muscle mass, and improve endurance.

“I have a lot of experience in cognitive performance training. Combining exercise and brain training provides lasting benefits for our bodies and our minds. That’s why CYCLE BOXER is so breakthrough.”


- David Friedman, Fitness Specialist and ACSM-CPT


Cycle Boxer Pros and Cons

Before we get into the details of this exercise bike from LifeSpan, here’s a quick rundown of its pros and cons.

  • CYCLE BOXER is a sturdy, adjustable exercise machine with a compact footprint
  • It activates and strengthens both upper and lower body muscles in a seating position
  • 16 resistance levels for cycling, plus 12 boxing levels make it challenging enough for both beginners and advanced users
  • Strong and durable boxing panel with punching sensors withstanding heavy and light strikes
  • Touchscreen LCD showing your current workout metrics can sync with CYCLE BOXER application or your cell via Bluetooth, allowing you to track your previous workout results
  • It comes with accessories enabling wireless heart rate monitoring
  • Boxing gloves fitting most hands included
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The seat could be more comfortable and adjustable for users taller than 6ft4in
  • User weight capacity could be higher than 300 lbs
  • The warranty could be longer

Our #1 Recommendation

Lifespan Cycle Boxer CTA

Lifespan Cycle Boxer

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty.


Bike Frame

Highlighting the bike frame of Lifespan Cycle Boxer

The black, welded, steel bike frame engineered by LifeSpan feels secure, sturdy, and durable.

The beam with solid coils supports the boxing panel, providing an upright cycling position so that you can generate maximum force and keep your core activated and balanced while boxing.

Although it’s made of steel, the frame of this machine doesn’t weigh much and is lighter than other similar fitness equipment.

At the same time, it’s strong enough to safely withstand athletes’ weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

Besides being light, this fitness machine is also compact. Its small footprint makes it perfect for a home gym.

We also have an article about the best compact rowing machines if you are looking to spice things up.

Plus, it has wheels and a handle behind the seat, enabling you to move it around if you lack training space at home.

This model is relatively new on the market, but I can say that the durability and stability of the frame are similar to other popular exercise bike brands.


cycle boxer flywheel

The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the cycling feel, and the stronger overall resistance.

The CYCLE BOXER flywheel weighs 13.3 lbs, which is at the lower end, but typical for many upright exercise bikes.

Still, the magnetic eddy current system provides smooth cycling resistance, enough to keep your legs engaged while you’re boxing, and it’s quiet, so you don’t hear the noise when pedaling.

Despite having a light flywheel, many users seem pretty satisfied with their cycling experience, which is impressive for a budget-friendly exercise bike.

Most of them agree that it runs quietly and smoothly, even when increasing resistance levels.

Cycling Resistance Levels

The CYCLE BOXER offers 16 levels of cycling resistance (separately from 12 punch levels), giving you a wide variety of more or less challenging workout intensity levels to choose from, depending on your fitness goals and needs.

You can play, mix, and match until you customize your workouts to your capacity for burning calories, weight loss [1], strengthening and toning your muscles [2], and other goals while improving cognitive function [3], cerebrovascular and overall health [4] at the same time.

Unlike boxing programs, this fitness machine doesn’t offer preloaded cycling programs. Whether you choose the Easy, Medium, or Hard boxing program, you will be able to set your preferred cycling resistance level.

We tried the Level 16 cycling resistance, and it’s challenging that even cycling enthusiasts would feel the burn in a matter of minutes.


Fixing Lifespan Cycle Boxer seat

LifeSpan’s made the seat with a wide, contoured saddle without a backrest to encourage users’ upright riding position for enhanced core stability and better balance when punching.

There’s also a handy lever below the seat, allowing you to adjust the saddle height conveniently while sitting on it.

Anyone who’s tried to hit the right seat height while standing on the side of the bike knows how big a plus this is.

Another adjustable pop-pin lever for moving the saddle forward and aft enables horizontal seat adjustment.

This allows users to find their most comfortable sitting position to provide the best possible workout experience.

However, users of different heights may have different experiences, so some users with long legs or those taller than 6ft5in complained that they lack enough seat height.

In general, this exercise machine could be the best fit for those between 5ft and 6ft3in in height.

Many users have also said they could do with more padding because sitting on this saddle may become painful after half an hour.

Unfortunately, you cannot swap it out, but you can always add an extra seat cushion or a folded towel on the seat as a quick fix if you feel so uncomfortable that you lose focus or your workout gets disrupted.


Close up shot of Lifespan Cycle Boxer pedals

The flat metal pedals on the CYCLE BOXER are designed with toothed edges and adjustable comfort straps so that they can hold any athletic shoe in a secure position no matter how fast you’re cycling.

Also, they allow you to feel safe while cycling both forward and backward.

We didn’t have any problems with the straps as they kept our feet in position with light and heavy pedal motion.

It allowed me to focus more on the workout rather than repeatedly checking if the straps are still intact.

Stabilizers with Wheels

The CYCLE BOXER also comes with stabilizers that have two transport wheels on the front of each. They allow you to tip and roll the machine wherever you want to place it since it’s not so heavy (only 118 lbs).

Many users liked how they could easily move and fit this equipment into one corner of their home gym after a session, especially those with limited workout space.

Our #1 Recommendation

Lifespan Cycle Boxer CTA

Lifespan Cycle Boxer


LifeSpan’s made the CYCLE BOXER with two non-adjustable rubberized handlebars providing a comfortable grip.

They’re placed beside the console, below the boxing panel, to provide support when you want to focus on pedaling rather than punching.

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Boxing Panel

Sensors with Colored Lights and Shapes

A woman using the Lifespan Cycle Boxer

There are five sensors with various colored lights and shapes on the boxing panel. It’s quite strong to absorb the impact of powerful boxing strikes easily, also responding to light taps.

Depending on the boxing program you select, the colored lights underneath the sensors shine to indicate which sensor to punch with which hand.

The colored shapes are a bit more challenging to respond to when displayed. In contrast, the combination of flashing lights and varying shapes is the most challenging even for people with fast hand-eye coordination.

Many users notice that there is enough space between the impact sensors to avoid accidentally hitting more than one (which would be really annoying when you think of it).

Adjustment Points

Besides other adjustable features CYCLE BOXER offers, the boxing panel can also be raised or lowered to accommodate different physiques better.

The lever behind the handlebars enables the height adjustment of the boxing panel from 63in to 74in, allowing a proper punch pad connection and reach during workouts.

Cycle Boxer Console

Touchscreen Display

Cycle Boxer Touch Screen Display

The large, full-color touchscreen monitor with a bright background and the black font is interactive, providing easy-to-see readouts for your training parameters.

This includes details like speed, distance cycled, total calories burnt, your hit accuracy, pulse, and more, allowing you always to know how far from achieving your fitness goals you are.

The monitor also automatically loads whenever you turn on the fitness machine, allowing you to select the boxing program and tempo you want (more about it further in the text).

It’s a lot of fun but challenging to cycle while simultaneously focusing on punching various randomized patterns and shapes.

This is not a piece of fitness equipment you can use while watching your favorite Netflix series. Unlike other exercise bikes, it provides fully engaging cardio and strength training for your whole body and mind.


Bluetooth enables syncing the console with your cell, tablet, or any other device, as well as connecting the machine to the chest strap (more about it later).

That’s how you can easily monitor your pulse in real-time, track your fitness progress, and transfer the data to the desired device.


You can download the free LifeSpan app from the Apple or Google Play store and sync it easily with the fitness machine console to check your workout metrics after each round and record all your stats to keep an eye on your overall progress.

Pre-Programmed Workouts with Tutorials

A man using a pre-programmed workouts from the Lifespan Cycle Boxer

The CYCLE BOXER from LifeSpan also includes some pre-programmed workouts with tutorials to get you started.

From Quick Start to preloaded User Challenge programs at Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty levels, it allows you to choose a pattern based on Colored Shapes and Lights you’d like to follow.

Some programs also require that you punch lights on particular sensors with either left or right hand, varying the types of punches and speed. And, you score points when you meet the targets.

These features LifeSpan has incorporated in the CYCLE BOXER can make your home workout experience rewarding, fun, and challenging.

The Easy level is good for those just starting with this cycling-boxing combo, while the Medium is perfect for those who want a bit of challenge. And well, the Hard level is not surprisingly hard and exhausting that it would bring you to sweat in just a short amount of time.

Storage Space

LifeSpan offers limited storage space on the CYCLE BOXER.

One pocket on the top tube is large enough to hold your cell and a small water bottle, whereas another smaller pocket on the other side is convenient for storing small items like keys.

However, there isn’t enough space for storing other things like a large bottle or your towel, so you’ll have to put them on the floor or over the handlebars.

I don’t usually place items on my exercise bike so it’s not a huge deal for me. Most users find the space provided adequate and accessible to place their cell and water bottle.


Our #1 Recommendation

Lifespan Cycle Boxer CTA

Lifespan Cycle Boxer

Boxing Gloves

Cycle Boxer Gloves

When you purchase the CYCLE BOXER, LifeSpan includes a pair of specially designed boxing gloves that are comfy and adjustable to fit most hand sizes.

A wide velcro strap keeps the gloves secured to your wrists.

Also, the elastic finger loops enable a secure hold for all your fingers, leaving your thumbs free to move.

With this, you can grab a water bottle or answer the phone without taking the gloves off in the middle of your training sessions.

The thick padding protects your fists even when hitting the boxing panel with great force, and the sensors in the gloves tell the panel whether you’re punching it with your left or right hand.

A Chest Strap for Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

LifeSpan also includes an adjustable chest strap in the CYCLE BOXER package.

It automatically syncs to the console allowing you to monitor your heart rate in real time on the screen so that you always know your heart health condition, which is particularly important during high-intensity cardio workouts.

Some exercise bikes usually include an armband to monitor heart rate, so it’s really nice to see a chest strap included in the Cycle Boxer package. While an armband is more convenient, a chest strap provides more accurate readings, which can help you maintain the required intensity level the entire session.

While most people have a love-hate relationship with chest straps, users seem to find the provided chest strap comfortable enough that sometimes, they barely even notice it’s there.


Assembling the CYCLE BOXER is pretty straightforward because most parts already come pre-assembled. Plus, the equipment comes with a manual and an essential tool kit. Good job there, LifeSpan.

So, it shouldn’t take more than one hour to add the seat, the pedals, the handlebars, the console, and the boxing panel, especially with a friend’s help.

It took us around 30 minutes to have the Cycle Boxer up and running with two people on the job. Not bad at all.

Other Relevant Product Specifications

  • Footprint: 43.6 in (L) x 27 in (W) x 63 in – 74.5 in (H - with adjustable boxing panel height)
  • Net. Weight: 118 lbs
  • Max. User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Seat adjustment: 34.25 in x 42.12 in (with 4 in fore/aft adjustment)
  • Resistance System: Magnetic Eddy Current brake and resistance system with 16 resistance levels and 12 punch levels
  • Warranty: frame - lifetime, parts and labor - 1 year

Cardio Machine Alternatives

We decided to put three other uniquely designed cardio equipment to the test and see how the workouts compared to Cycle Boxer. Here’s what we learned.

Cybex Arc Trainer

The unique design of the Cybex Arc Trainer simulates the motion and intensity of hiking while providing up to 900 watts of resistance, all without putting any pressure on your joints.

In my years in fitness, some of my favorite workouts are interval training, and the Cybex Arc Trainer can provide that with eight pre-set programs, nine custom settings, and 21 incline levels.

The Cybex Arc Trainer has a higher max user weight than the Cycle Boxer at 400 lbs. Users in our test group were of varying height and weight, and all could use the Arc Trainer comfortably and were confident in its sturdiness.

You’ll have to drop about $1000 more on the Cybex Arc Trainer than the Cycle Boxer. Given that you primarily work the lower body with Arc Trainer, the Cycle Boxer may be a better option if you are looking for a total body workout.

Jacob’s Ladder Gronk Edition

This self-paced climber offers an endless 40-degree angle climb that lets you exercise every muscle in your body while also taking the pressure off your lower back.

Both Cycle Boxer and Jacob’s Ladder have a maximum user weight of 300 lbs, but Jacob’s Ladder will require a larger workout space because of its larger dimensions.

I liked that this climber provides a natural climbing motion that engages both your upper and lower body muscles and is non-motorized, giving me control over workout intensity.

Our test group reported feeling the climb in the lats, shoulders, glutes, and quads. Like most cardio machines, including Cycle Boxer, you can keep track of your progress with the digital readouts, which display your pulse, calories burned, feet climbed, rate/speed, and elapsed time.

However, its hefty price tag might be a downside; it’s about twice the cost of Cycle Boxer, but with a parts warranty of two years, whereas Cycle Boxer offers one year.

Concept2 SkiErg

The SkiErg will give you a demanding cardio experience and is relied on by elite cross-country skiers to hone their technique and build strength.

Our test group noted that this equipment fully activated their shoulders, arms, abs, and hips and offered an intense cardio workout. Again, our testers are of various heights, weights, and hand sizes, and all could use the SkiErg’s strapless handles comfortably and appreciate the non-sweat grips.

Unlike the Cycle Boxer, the SkiErg won’t occupy floor space as it mounts on a wall. However, Concept2 sells a floor stand separately, but even with that, the footprint is smaller than Cycle Boxer.

Like Cycle Boxer, the Concept2 SkiErg comes with various pre-set workouts and wireless connectivity, costing about half what Cycle Boxer does. You’ll be primarily working your upper body, though, so less expensive, yes; full-body workout, no.

Is Cycle Boxer Worth the Investment?


Lifespan's CYCLE BOXER provides users with unique, entertaining, and challenging workouts. Using it doesn't feel like exercising, but more like gaming, which gives you sweat and requires you to pay attention all the time.

Although the seat might be uncomfortable, I think this innovative machine can provide a fantastic total-body engagement, challenging your muscles from head to toe even more than other exercise bikes and similar equipment.

It helps sculpt muscles, trim fat, improve your mental and physical performance, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and heart health while having fun.

Please give it a go and tell us how you liked it.

Our #1 Recommendation

Lifespan Cycle Boxer CTA
Weight Capacity
300 lbs
Overall Score 4.5
  • CYCLE BOXER is a sturdy, adjustable exercise machine
  • It activates and strengthens both upper and lower body muscles
  • 16 resistance levels for cycling, plus 12 boxing levels
  • Touchscreen LCD showing your current workout metrics
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
  • The seat could be more comfortable and adjustable for users taller than 6ft4in
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