How to Bulk up Fast
5 Essential Rules to Do It Successfully

5 Essential Rules For Bulking The Smart And Safe Way
Written by Isaac

Most of us who lift weights have the same goal in mind: gain muscle, shed fat. Physically, the goal is definition. You want people to be able to see your muscles and know you’re in shape at a glance.

When you’ve got too much fat on your body, it’s hard to tell just how in shape you really are. The basic rule of bulking is this: increase your calorie uptake so that you’re eating more calories than you’re burning. Your body needs fuel to build muscle.

At the same time, though, the way you go about this is of the utmost importance. If you’re not bulking smart, a lot of what could be muscle is going to melt into fat.

Here are some essential rules for bulking to avoid fat and build muscle:

5 Tips on how to bulk Properly

1. Skip The Junk Food

Examples of unhealthy and healthy foods

Crave fitness like you would crave junk food.

Getting more calories in While bulking can be hard work if you’re not a big eater, but don’t up your intake by going for the drive-thru.

Stick to lean protein, clean carbs, and healthy fats - none of which you’re going to find in fast food.

2. Adopt The New Food Pyramid

Updated version of food pyramid

Imagine yourself six months from now. It will be worth it.

Forget the food pyramid that’s been fed to you since you were a kid. It’s not designed for muscle-building, especially bulking.

Instead, adopt Muscle & Fitness’ Food Pyramid which shows how much lean protein, clean carbs, and healthy fats should be eaten.

3. Don’t Eat Too Much

Proper food portioning

You don't have to be extreme. Be moderate and consistent.

You know as well as we do (from pure life experience) that it’s all too easy to eat too much. To avoid this mistake, get out your calculator. has a great protein intake calculator with Muscle Gainz as a goal option. For building muscle, protein should be your top priority, especially when on the bulk.

4. Don’t Stick To The Plan

Man doing different exercises on every day

Don’t get stuck in the same lifting routine. Mixing it up makes things more fun for you, and it increases gains.

That is, when it comes to your lifting routine.

Although on the macro level it’s unclear how much variety of exercises affects muscle gain, on the micro level, research shows different exercises on the same muscle stimulate different regions of the muscle, resulting in greater hypertrophy (muscle growth).

Don’t get stuck in the same lifting routine. Mixing it up makes things more fun for you, and it increases gains.

5. Get Running

Preparing to run.

It's not all about building ripped massive guns, think of the whole picture. That's where cardio comes in.

Just because you’re focusing on building muscle doesn’t mean you can’t do some cardio. When you think of bulking, you typically think of lifting weights.

While this is how you gain the most muscle, you’ve got to burn calories from your fat stores if you want a better body composition. It's not all about building ripped massive guns, think of the whole picture.

This is where cardio comes in. If you’re already low on fat in your body composition, though, stick to lower-intensity cardio, like brisk walks and cycling.

We miss Any bulking tips?

When you adopt these 5 tips, bulking becomes a lot easier than blindly eating and working out as you typically do.

Get that protein in and keep lifting, and you will see results.

Do you have pro tips of your own on how to really bulk up? We’d love to hear from you.

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