7 Best Butt Exercises to Grow Your Booty

Get The Perfect Butt With These 7 Simple Exercises
Written by Tracy

Want to be that woman that has all the men turning their heads and all the women jealous? It’s possible to get that bikini booty and to fill out those apple bottom jeans if you’ve got the right workout strategies.

Athlete woman collecting her bag after training

Yes, we are jealous! 🙂

If you want a bigger butt you can be proud of, try out these 7 best exercises for a bigger butt.

1. Squats

Ask a fit woman with a big butt what she’s doing, and she’ll be sure to say squats first. We have no doubt. This is because squats cause your glutes to carry your body weight (as well as any weight your lifting) and to then forcefully contract to help you lift yourself back up.

Attractive woman doing squats

Sometimes I grab my own butt... Because well, I squat.

2. Hip Thrusts

They’re a pretty sexy workout – you get on the ground, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Then thrust your hips up, pushing through your feet.

Woman doing hip thrusting

Yes, my personality is cool, but have you seen my ass?

Hold, then repeat. Hip thrusts are easy, can be practiced anywhere, and really get your buttocks muscles squeezing.

3. Walking Lunges

Combine squats with walking lunges, and you’re booty is going to be sore the next day – but that’s a good sign. Your muscles are growing. Sink down into a lunge while walking forward.

Woman doing waling lunges

Be a bad ass with good ass!

As your lead leg bends, your buttocks and glutes are stretched and forced to carry a heavy load. Carrying dumbbells on your back/shoulders makes this exercise that much harder and that much better for a bodacious bod. Speaking of shoulders, here's a guide on how to get wide shoulders.

4. Toe Taps

Lie on the floor like you’re about to do crunches, but instead, alternate tapping your left toes and your right toes. It looks so simple and seems simple enough at first, but pretty soon you’ll feel the burn in your abs. You’re also hitting your glutes, and from all angles.

Man doing toe tap exercise

I ain't no movie star man. I am a booty star.

5. Squats With Kickbacks

We’re going to take the squat to a whole new level now. Instead of coming up simply from your squat, kick back one leg while extending your hands forward (think Superman/woman).

Woman doing squats with kickback exercise

Do what is right, let the booty follow.

Repeat this movement 8-10 times and then switch to your other leg as the kicker. Squats hit your glutes hard enough, but you’ll feel the burn within your booty with each kick even more.

6. Step-Ups

Woman showing how to do step ups

I am going to be shaking my booty when I'm 55.

You want an even booty, and one way to do this is hitting both sides equally. With step-ups, the push-off to help you up onto the bench or step (with dumbbells for added weight) works all of your large leg muscles, especially your butt.

7. Quadruped Hip Extensions

Woman doing hip extension workout

Your butt. It's too big - said no man ever.

Or, as we like to call it, the bucking bronco. This is yet another botty exercise that is deceptively simple, but amazingly effective. In fact, some exercise physiologists have argued it is the most effective glute exercise, even when compared to the ever-beloved squats.

Start on your hands and knees and lift your leg back, then bring it back to the starting position. Keep your core tight, your knees bent, and your hips squared. You might not feel the burn right away, but it’ll sneak up on you.

Beyonce showing her booty

Beyonce has one of the world's most famous booties and hard-work has a lot to do with it.

Did We Miss any big butt exercises?

Getting that Beyonce booty is as easy as 7 simple butt building exercises for women. When these butt exercises become a regular part of your workout, you’ll be sure to see and feel a difference.

The best butts aren’t shapely because of fat. They’re toned, strong, and perfectly springy thanks to great glute exercises. You can combine drop sets into a lot of these exercises, but listen to your body.

There are so many ways to work on getting the butt of your dreams, and we’ve covered 7 of our favorites. Do you have any awesome glute workout suggestions that have gotten you a happy booty?

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