3 Steps on How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

How To Slash Stubborn Belly Fat In 3 Easy Steps
Written by Isaac

So many men and women alike battle beer bellies and muffin tops. There’s nothing worse than going to put on a belt and seeing you have to add yet another notch or getting your summer clothes out and finding they just don’t fit like they used to.

Belly fat’s the worst because it affects the fit of all of your clothes, and it’s really hard to hide, too. It seems that our bodies choose to store fat in the most unflattering places.

how to lose belly fat fast IN 3 STEPS

It also seems like that weight is impossible to lose. As a lot of women complain, you lose your boobs and butt well before you lose stubborn belly fat.

There are ways to slash that stubborn belly fat, though, and they’re not all torture. Here are 3 steps for shedding that belly fat and getting closer to those flat abs we all want.

1. Stop Stressing

It’s easier than it sounds, isn’t it?

Measuring belly fat drawing

Stop stressing and take time to breathe.

But stress is actually a common cause of weight gain. This is because cortisol secretion increases when you’re stressed, and cortisol causes an increase in belly fat. If you’re thinking it’s impossible to lower your stress levels, read on just a little further.

Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Get your sleep. Most people need at least 7 hours.
  • Take time to breathe. When you feel yourself losing it to stress, stop for a few minutes. Breathe deeply for a count of 5 in and out. Try to put your worries in perspective or to even shed the ones you just don’t need in your life.
  • Find go-to ways to relax that work for you personally. Think long drives, slow swims, luxurious baths, or candlelit dinners.

2. Take Up Interval Training

Cardio is one of people’s least favorite words because it can just be so difficult but it’s so necessary when it comes to weight loss.

Man in kayak

Choose your favorite cardio!

It doesn’t have to be torture, though. Instead of trying to rack up the miles on the track or bike or in a kayak, opt for interval training.

Interval training is simple: run (or bike, or elliptical, etc.) as fast as you possibly can for one interval (30 seconds to 2 minutes) and then jog or walk for the next interval of the same length or until you catch your breath.

Traditional exercise doesn’t burn fat as efficiently as interval training does, and the breaks in between make it seem a little less hard. Time also moves a lot faster.

3. Get Lifting

Everyone thinks about cardio when it comes to weight loss, but weightlifting is extremely underrated in this sense.

It speeds up your heartrate and gets calories burning fast.

It also replaces fat with muscle. Don’t be afraid of bulking up (you need a lot of protein and way more calories than usual to do that).

An increase in muscle mass also increases your metabolism, endurance, and strength.

Drawing of a man lifting heavy weights

Weightlifting is awesome for weight loss.

Your body begins to burn fat for you more efficiently. In short, weightlifting is awesome for weight loss in the short term and long term.

Any Other Tips on Losing Belly Fat?

No one wants more belly fat, but all too often it’s what we get. Get rid of belly fat that's been following you for years by following these 3 steps​

Do you have any go-to tips on getting slim?

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