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Can Cinnamon And Honey Help You With Weight Loss?

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: August 15, 2023

During a recent conversation with my dietitian, she pointed out that there’s increasing evidence of a cinnamon and honey link to weight loss.

As a personal trainer, I’m always looking for ways to help my clients lose weight more efficiently, so I decided that I needed to do some research.

So, I spent a couple of weeks reading through scientific literature with the help of my dietitian and nutritionist to see if consuming cinnamon and honey could help.

Here’s what we found.

Quick Summary

  • The combination of cinnamon, and honey can help in weight loss, bearing in mind the chemical compounds in these two ingredients.
  • Drinking the combination of honey and cinnamon triggers some metabolic processes that promote weight loss.
  • This combination also prevents heart conditions, lowers blood pressure levels, and helps control insulin levels.

Can Cinnamon And Honey Reduce Belly Fat?

Top view of cinnamon and honey

Yes, cinnamon and honey can help you reduce belly fat. It all comes down to the chemical compounds in these two ingredients.

First, researchers have shown that cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde [1].

This is believed to trigger a thermogenic metabolic effect that can help you burn more calories for more consistent body weight loss.

More on this shortly.

And honey has been used by humans for thousands of years for its sweetness and even as a way to treat wound infections. But when you add it to a healthy diet, scientists believe it can reduce weight gain risks [2].

The great thing about cinnamon and honey is that you can take them at any time of day. Cinnamon powder and raw honey are easy to mix into drinks, breakfasts, and smoothies.

What Happens If You Drink Cinnamon And Honey?

If you drink cinnamon and honey, your body will absorb some key micronutrients that may trigger metabolic processes.

First of all, let’s take a closer look at cinnamon.

Researchers have shown that cinnamon can boost metabolism-related activities [3].

By triggering thermogenic processes, you can burn more calories and lose weight.

And if you mix it into a green tea or low-fat latte, you could get even more thermogenic effects for weight loss.

Next, let’s take a look at the medicinal properties of pure honey. Studies on raw honey versus sucrose have shown that it contains appetite-regulating hormones [4]. That means it can help you better deal with food cravings. So if you go through longer fasting times, you could find it much easier to avoid sugar junk food.

You need to find organic honey to ensure you get the best possible purity.

Preparing A Cinnamon And Honey Drink

Top view of Cinnamon and honey drink

Cinnamon is the bark from an evergreen tree commonly grown in Sri Lanka, and you’ll find it in pretty much every supermarket and health food store.

You’ll sometimes also see it labeled Mexican cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon powder.

What I recommend is mixing a cinnamon and honey drink twice a day.

Get your favorite herbal tea and add half a teaspoon of cinnamon and a full teaspoon of raw honey.

Let it stand for about a minute so the flavors can fully fuse, and then have it as a morning and afternoon refreshment.

You may need a larger concentration to get the same effect with cinnamon tea.

Other Health Benefits

My dietitian pointed out that cinnamon and honey for weight loss also have other health benefits. The improved insulin function can promote weight loss and help people with diabetes to better regulate their blood glucose levels [4].

Another great benefit of cinnamon and honey is that they can positively influence your heart health and lower blood pressure [5].

While it can help to prevent heart disease and other health conditions, it shouldn’t be a replacement for professional medical advice and prescription drugs if you have specific health problems.

“Cinnamon contains minerals (such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium), vitamins (such as vitamins C, K and A, and folate), and several other beneficial substances including antioxidants.”

- Shaziya Allarakha, MD,

Are There Any Risks?

A drink that consists of honey, cinnamon and lemon

Overall, cinnamon and honey are generally safe, and they shouldn't have a negative impact on your digestive system.

But there is one thing my dietitian pointed out. Cassia cinnamon is a less common form that contains coumarin.

And some studies have shown that this substance can cause liver toxicity and damage [6].

But it would probably take a considerable amount of it regularly to do such damage, meaning that you should still be able to get plenty of weight loss to counteract any possible adverse effect.

I would just say that it might make sense to avoid cinnamon of this type.


Can You Drink Honey And Cinnamon Every Day?

Yes, you can drink honey and cinnamon every day to support weight loss. Wellness professionals recommend making a cinnamon drink with raw honey part of your daily routine to lose weight and gain many other health benefits.

Does It Matter What Time Of Day You Drink Honey And Cinnamon?

recommendation for weight loss is to add some to your breakfast or mix them with an evening tea to promote a good night’s sleep.

Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

You should consume high-quality organic cinnamon and raw honey daily to boost metabolism and support weight loss naturally.

While you can add cinnamon and honey to many different cinnamon drinks and meals, I find it easiest to remember adding them to an herbal or cinnamon tea.

And if you want to burn fat more effectively, I suggest adding a stimulant-free fat burner to your daily supplement stack. These are not magic weight loss pills or an excuse to sit on the couch all day with piles of fast food.

But combining it with a healthy diet and workout routine, you may achieve significant weight loss.


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