post CrossFit and Astaxanthin: A Winning Combo for Obesity Battle

CrossFit and Astaxanthin: A Winning Combo for Obesity Battle

Tyler Sellers
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Last updated: December 10, 2023

A recent study has thrown a spotlight on the potential of astaxanthin (ASX) supplementation and CrossFit exercise to improve metabolic health in obese males. The 12-week placebo-controlled study found that this dynamic duo could decrease obesity-associated adipokines and increase those negatively correlated.

CrossFit and Astaxanthin: A Winning Combo for Obesity Battle
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Obesity, marked by excessive fat accumulation, is closely tied to metabolic disorders influenced by adipokines. These cell-signaling molecules, produced by fat tissue, play a crucial role in metabolic health.

Regular physical activity, like CrossFit, is known to prevent obesity and improve overall well-being. Meanwhile, antioxidant supplementation, particularly astaxanthin, can counteract the negative effects of oxidative stress.

The study involved 68 obese males, divided into four groups: control, ASX supplementation, CrossFit, and a combination of both. After 12 weeks of 20mg/day ASX supplementation or placebo, CrossFit training, or both, significant changes were observed in the adipokine levels of the participants.

“Our data suggest that non-drug strategies such as ASX supplementation with CrossFit training can reduce SEMA3C, apelin, chemerin, visfatin, RBP4, resistin, vaspin, and leptin, and increase adiponectin and omentin1 in males with obesity,” the authors stated.

They recommended obese individuals to include CrossFit exercise in their physical activity regimen and use ASX supplements in their diet.

However, the authors also noted that further research is needed to understand the precise processes behind this relationship. The study, published in the journal Nutrients, is a promising step towards a better understanding of the relationship between exercise, supplementation, and metabolic health in obesity.

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