post CrossFit Gym Bolsters Middletown Commons as Fitness Hub

CrossFit Gym Bolsters Middletown Commons as Fitness Hub

Connor Sellers
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Last updated: December 10, 2023

Middletown Commons is fast becoming a fitness hotspot, thanks to the latest addition, Amaziah Fitness. This CrossFit gym, owned by Anna Runyan, recently celebrated its grand opening, marking a significant milestone for the rejuvenated mall.

CrossFit Gym Bolsters Middletown Commons as Fitness Hub
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Runyan is thrilled to be part of the thriving Commons. “With all the traffic here and all the health-oriented, self-care businesses on the back end, we really wanted to try to become a part of it,” she said. The Commons is home to a bodybuilding gym, a nutrition place, a spa, a supplement shack, and soon, a yoga studio.

Runyan is keen to debunk the myth that CrossFit is only for the super-fit. She likens her gym to backyard football, not the NFL. Most of her clients are over 45, proving that age is no barrier to reaping the benefits of a rigorous workout. “We’re trying to keep people out of the nursing home. Looking better is a byproduct of that. But really the goal is to be able to live longer, more fulfilling lives,” she said.

Tina Mascaro, a longtime member, is a testament to the benefits of CrossFit. She maintains her fitness not just for health, but also for independence. “I can cut my own grass. I can carry my own groceries. If I had to move furniture in my house, I can move furniture. I can take my own trash out,” she said.

The Marion County Chamber of Commerce President, Tina Shaw, believes the cluster of health and fitness businesses at Middletown Commons reflects the community’s changing needs. “I think it speaks to the sign of the times that everybody wants to eat healthy, everybody wants to work out,” she said.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was also a poignant moment for Shaw, marking her last act as Chamber president. She had witnessed the mall’s decline and rebirth, and was thrilled to see it come back to life. “To see it come back to life is absolutely amazing,” she said.

Jay Rogers, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce board of directors, praised Shaw’s contributions. “When events would happen or issues would come up… Tina Shaw is on that list. She is always on that list,” he said.

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