post Father-Son Team Shines in WPAFB Powerlifting Event

Father-Son Team Shines in WPAFB Powerlifting Event

Connor Sellers
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Last updated: December 16, 2023

In a heartwarming display of family strength, David Lees, an AFLCMC Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures systems engineer, and his son Isaac, took to the bench press at the annual powerlifting competition at Wright Field Fitness Center on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The date was December 9, 2023, a day that will forever be etched in their memories as their first powerlifting competition together.

Father-Son Duo Flex Their Muscles in WPAFB Powerlifting Showdown
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David, with the precision of an engineer, executed his bench press lift, a testament to his dedication and discipline.

His son Isaac, a newcomer to the base powerlifting competition, mirrored his father’s determination, showcasing his raw talent on the bench press.

This father-son duo’s participation in the training competition was more than just a display of physical strength. It was a symbol of their shared passion, a metaphor for their bond, and a testament to their mutual respect and admiration.

Their story serves as a reminder that strength sports are not just about the numbers on the barbell. They’re about the people, the community, and the shared experiences that make these events so special.

As the saying goes, “The family that lifts together, stays together.” And in the case of the Lees, they’re not just staying together, they’re growing stronger together.

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