post Firefighter Flexes for Charity: Shatter Weightlifting Record

Firefighter Flexes for Charity: Shatter Weightlifting Record

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: January 7, 2024
Firefighter Flexes for Charity
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Lancashire’s own Glen Bailey, a 42-year-old firefighter, is flexing his muscles for a cause. He’s set his sights on smashing the Guinness World Record for the most weight lifted in a 24-hour period. The current record stands at a staggering 91,369 stone (580,220kg), but Bailey is aiming to lift a whopping 94,484 stone (600,000kg). His strategy? Lift about nine stone (60kg) each time, aiming for a total of 12,000 reps.

Bailey isn’t just doing this for the thrill of the challenge. He’s lifting for The Fire Fighters Charity, an organization that provides health and wellbeing services to firefighters and their families. “It does great work helping to support firefighters both past and present as well as their families,” said the father-of-three.

Balancing his roles as an industrial firefighter with Mitie Emergency Response Service and an on-call firefighter with Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Bailey has seen firsthand the impact of the charity’s work. “One guy went through a tough time and he had mental health support, while I know a few in Lancashire who have had rehabilitation following injuries too,” he shared.

Bailey’s record-breaking attempt is taking place at SAS gym in Leyland, Lancashire. As he lifts, he’s not just raising weights, but also awareness and support for a charity close to his heart. “It’s a charity you always want to support, because as firefighters, we never know when we might need help ourselves,” he said.

So, here’s to Bailey, a man lifting more than just weights. He’s lifting spirits, hopes, and setting a shining example of training strength in more ways than one.

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