post Shaun 'Dinosaur' Davis: Strength Sports Icon Passes Away

Shaun 'Dinosaur' Davis: Strength Sports Icon Passes Away

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Last updated: December 8, 2023
Mr. Universe 'Dinosaur' Shaun Davis
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The strength sports community is mourning the loss of a titan, Shaun Davis, known affectionately as “Dinosaur”. The 1996 Mr. Universe winner, who tipped the scales at a whopping 334lbs during his prime, has passed away at 57, leaving a void in the hearts of many.

Davis, a native of Long Eaton, Derbyshire, was more than just a bodybuilding champ. He was a father, a partner, and an advocate for organ donation.

His battle with kidney problems led to his early retirement, but it didn’t dampen his spirit. He spent years on dialysis before receiving a kidney transplant in 2009, a gift that inspired him to urge others to join the transplant donor register.

Local councillor Richard McRae paid tribute to Davis’s impressive career, saying, “Shaun was Mr Universe in 1996. He was also Mr UK, Mr Britain, Mr Europe and Mr Pro Universe.” His accolades were many, but it was his character that left a lasting impression.

Kuldeep Bhardwaj, a close friend, remembered Davis as a beacon of inspiration from their school days to his bodybuilding and body care journey. “Your smile and laughter will be missed,” he said, echoing the sentiments of many who knew Davis.

His partner, Helen Burrows, shared a touching photo of the couple on Facebook, a poignant reminder of the love they shared and the loss she now endures.

Davis’s legacy extends beyond the bodybuilding stage. His advocacy for organ donation, born from his own experience, has touched many lives. He once shared a heartwarming story of his daughter writing a letter to Father Christmas, thanking him for her father’s new kidney.

As we bid farewell to Shaun Davis, we remember him not just as a champion of strength sports, but also as a champion for organ donation. His legacy will continue to inspire and motivate, reminding us all of the power of strength, both physical and emotional.

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