post Okotoks Powerlifter Shatters World Record

Okotoks Powerlifter Shatters World Record

Tyler Sellers
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Last updated: December 14, 2023
Okotoks Powerlifter Shatters World Record
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Chase Weigel, an Okotoks native, has made a name for himself in the strength sports community, smashing a world record and bagging five titles at the 100% RAW World Lightweight Powerlifting Championships in Virginia Beach.

Weigel, a rookie in the sub-165-pound weight class, set the world record with a 525-pound squat, nearly breaking the total weight lifted world record too.

“I came in with the goal of shattering the record by almost 100 pounds,” Weigel said. Despite a minor math error that saw him miss the total weight lifted record, Weigel’s performance was nothing short of impressive.

He also set five Canadian records, including total weight lifted, deadlift, and open regardless of age class in the squat and single lift categories for deadlift.

Weigel’s journey to powerlifting success wasn’t a walk in the park. His training regimen included four days per week in his basement, strict dieting, and a significant weight cut. He even sought advice from his brother, a Muay-Thai fighter, on how to cut weight effectively.

But for Weigel, the beauty of powerlifting lies in its objectivity. “There’s nothing subjective about it, 500 pounds is 500 pounds,” he said. “It’s just you won because you lifted more than the person next to you.”

Weigel also highlighted the camaraderie within the powerlifting community. “It’s a very cool spot to be in and it’s something I’ve realized I can do further on in life and knowing that it’s a very happy, welcoming community just makes it that much easier,” he said.

Weigel’s story is a testament to the spirit of strength sports – a blend of grit, determination, and a supportive community. His journey serves as an inspiration to others, proving that with hard work and dedication, anyone can lift their way to the top.

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