post Hadi Choopan and Phil Heath's Intense Back Training Session

Hadi Choopan and Phil Heath's Intense Back Training Session

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: January 16, 2024

Two former Mr. Olympia champions, Hadi Choopan and Phil Heath, recently teamed up for a grueling back workout under the watchful eye of renowned bodybuilding coach Hany Rambod. The session, shared on Choopan’s YouTube channel, showcased the duo’s mutual respect and shared determination to reclaim the coveted Mr. Olympia title.

Choopan, the 2022 Mr. Olympia champion, lost his title to Derek Lunsford in 2023. Now, he’s training with seven-time Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath, whom he admires for his “ethics, morals, and knowledge,” in addition to his impressive collection of titles.

Hadi Choopan and Phil Heath's Intense Back Training Session
Courtesy of: @philheath on Instagram

The workout began with lightweight lat pulldowns on cables, with Rambod emphasizing the importance of slow reps for proper muscle warm-up. The duo then moved on to heavier lat pulldowns and reverse grip pulldowns, with Choopan pulling a hefty 205 kilograms (450 pounds) for seven reps and Heath managing 270 pounds (122 kilograms) for 10 reps.

The session also included rows, with both bodybuilders using a close grip on a bent-over row machine and a wider grip on a T-bar variation. They also performed heavy single-arm dumbbell rows and worked their lats on a horizontal row machine.

The workout concluded with traditional deadlifts and reverse flyes, with Rambod once again urging Choopan to slow down his eccentrics. Despite the high volume of the session, both Choopan and Heath seemed to thrive under Rambod’s rigorous programming.

Heath, who last won bronze at the 2020 Mr. Olympia, hinted at a potential comeback with a thicker physique. As for Choopan, he’s clearly determined to reclaim his title, and training with a legend like Heath can only help his cause.

As the saying goes, “Iron sharpens iron,” and this workout session was a testament to that. With two Mr. Olympias pushing each other to their limits, the strength sports community can expect some exciting developments in the near future.

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