Prince Albert Weightlifter’s Top 10 Triumph at International Championship

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: November 21, 2023

Prince Albert’s own Brett Sather is riding high after a stellar performance at the North American Weightlifting Championship.

Brett Sather lifting weights
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The 22-year-old powerhouse clinched first in his session and an impressive seventh overall in his weight division, outmuscling 41 other athletes.

Sather’s journey to the California-based event wasn’t a walk in the park.

He had to hit a specific total at a previously sanctioned competition within a certain timeframe.

But the thrill of competing on the USA Weightlifting stage made it all worthwhile.

“USA Weightlifting puts on some pretty amazing events and so to be at one was definitely really cool,” he said.

The competition demanded Sather to execute two distinct lifts – a snatch and a clean and jerk. Both moves require a blend of technique and brute strength to hoist the weight from the ground to above his head.

Sather’s highest recorded clean and jerk was a whopping 319 lbs., and for the snatch, it was 264 lbs.

Despite recently buying his first house, Sather’s eyes are firmly set on the prize. He’s aiming to qualify for nationals again.

When he’s not training or coaching at Saskpro Crossfit in Prince Albert, he’s likely planning his next big lift.

Two athletes from Saskatoon’s Crossfit 306 Weightlifting were the only other Canadians in his division.

But it was Sather who stole the show, proving that with grit, determination, and a little bit of iron will, anything is possible.

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