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Strongman Du Plessis Gears Up for Africa’s Toughest Contest

Liam Johnson
Published by Liam Johnson | Marketing & Operations
Last updated: September 17, 2023

Ruben Du Plessis, a 22-year-old strongman from Tweni, is flexing his muscles for the upcoming Africa’s Strongest Man and Woman competition.

After recently clinching victory in the under 80kg men’s novice division at SA’s Strongest Man contest, Du Plessis is now setting his sights on Zambia, where the African contest will take place from October 27 to 29.

Du Plessis Competing in Strongman Contest
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“Winning was a big milestone for me as I want to break records and set a new deadlift record at the Africa contest. I’m nervous but it’s all in the Lord’s hands,” he said.

But the road to Zambia isn’t paved with gold.

Despite winning a 50% discount on his flights and accommodation, Du Plessis is looking at a hefty bill.

“I did win 50% off my flights and accommodation, but I worked it out, and it’s going to be more or less R40 000 to R45 000 with the place we are booked in and the day we fly. It’s a three-day comp, but I have to stay there for five days.”

Du Plessis is reaching out to the strength sports community for support.

If you can help this strongman make his mark in Zambia, give him a ring at (082) 0603911. Let’s rally behind our fellow strength athlete and help him lift more than just weights.

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