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Swimmer-Turned-Powerlifter: Wilson Erasito’s Athletic Evolution

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: September 14, 2023

In an unexpected twist, former competitive swimmer Wilson Erasito has swapped the pool for the powerlifting platform.

Powerlifter Wilson Erasito
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The 20-year-old civil engineering student at the University of the South Pacific (USP) and Rotuma native, once a force in the swimming world, is now making a splash in powerlifting.

Erasito, a decorated long-distance swimmer and sprinter during high school, was a formidable presence in the Grand Pre 1 local competition.

“At first I thought I was a long distance swimmer but up until form 5 and 6 I started becoming a sprinter,” he shared.

However, a chance encounter with a gym-goer in 2022 led him to powerlifting, a strength sport focusing on squats, bench presses, and deadlifts.

“I would confuse powerlifting with weightlifting at first, it wasn’t until I joined that I learned that powerlifting was much different,” he admitted.

Under the tutelage of experienced powerlifting trainers, Erasito began his grueling training regimen. His swimming background instilled discipline and mental toughness, which he applied to his new pursuit.

His rapid progress and natural athleticism quickly caught the attention of fellow powerlifters and coaches.

In a testament to his determination, Erasito competed in his first powerlifting competition just a year after he transitioned from swimming.

He held his own and placed 4th against seasoned professionals, surpassing expectations with his total lift.

Erasito’s passion for the sport is palpable. “I’ve always liked the sound of heavy metal whacking against the floor or when they clink against the bar, metal against metal,” he said.

He also credits his gym mates for their unwavering support.

His advice to others juggling different pursuits is simple: “If you know you’re supposed to be at the gym training, go there and if you know that you are supposed to be in the library studying, go!”

Erasito, who enjoys photography and the occasional drink, continues to make strides in powerlifting, carrying lessons from his swimming days.

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