Teen Prodigy Olarinoye Sweeps Weightlifting Gold at National Youth Games

Connor Sellers
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Last updated: November 21, 2023

Florence Olarinoye, a 13-year-old weightlifting prodigy, made a clean sweep at the National Youth Games in Asaba, bagging three gold medals for Team Lagos.

Woman lifting a dumbbell

The young athlete, who is the sister of African and Commonwealth Games champion Adijat Olarinoye, dominated the 49kg women’s weightlifting event on Sunday.

Olarinoye’s performance was nothing short of stellar. She lifted 56kg in the snatch and an impressive 72kg in the clean and jerk, totaling 128kg.

This isn’t her first rodeo either. At just 12, she won bronze in the 45kg class at the 2022 National Sports Festival.

The silver medals went to the FCT, thanks to Marvelous Ibeh’s lifts of 53kg in snatch, 67kg in clean and jerk, and a total of 120kg.

Christianah Adefemi of Bayelsa secured all three bronze medals with lifts of 48kg in snatch, 65kg in clean and jerk, and a total of 104kg.

Olarinoye’s triumph is a testament to the rising talent in the strength sports community. Her story is a beacon of inspiration for young athletes, proving that age is just a number when it comes to achieving greatness through constant training.

As they say, “The future of weightlifting looks golden.”

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