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Teen Titan: 13-Year-Old Girl Dominates National Weightlifting Championship

Natasha Spencer
Published by Natasha Spencer | Social Media Manager
Last updated: September 14, 2023

ELKHORN, Neb. – A 13-year-old Nebraska native, Chassity Del Balso, is making waves in the weightlifting world, smashing records and expectations alike. Inspired by her father’s weightlifting journey, this young powerhouse has recently clinched first place at the USA Weightlifting Championship.

Person lifting weights

Chassity’s journey into the world of weightlifting began at home.

“He was in weightlifting meets and everything, and I just got influenced by it,” she shared, referring to her father.

It isn’t her first rodeo, though. Chassity has already tasted victory on the national stage before.

Her father and coach, CJ Del Balso, has been grooming her for this moment since she was just four.

“It’s good to see those efforts pay off and her applying it on big stages, you know winning national championships,” he said.

He admits to pushing her at times, but the thrill of competition and the sweet taste of victory keep Chassity motivated.

Chassity’s training regimen has her lifting a whopping 132 pounds in one swift motion. In other competitions, she’s been known to lift an impressive 172 pounds.

Despite the pressure, Chassity thrives in the competitive environment. “Also, when you win it feels really great, but if you lose you’ll know next time what to do,” she said.

Her personal best in deadlifts, though not part of the competition, is a staggering 264 pounds. This feat has earned her the title of top-ranked lifter in the United States for her age and weight category.

Chassity’s strength isn’t confined to the weightlifting platform. She’s an all-around athlete, participating in school sports and impressing her teachers with strength.

She credits her parents and a “blessing from God” for her success.

Chassity’s message to her peers? “Heavy” is just a mindset. Dream big, lift big. “You just have to get into it and you’ll do it,” she said. Besides weightlifting, Chassity also enjoys volleyball and track and field.

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