post Teen Titan Toppling Schwarzenegger's Bodybuilding Record

Teen Titan Toppling Schwarzenegger's Bodybuilding Record

Tyler Sellers
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Last updated: December 14, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 57-year-old bodybuilding record has been shattered by a 19-year-old powerhouse. The iconic actor and former bodybuilder made history as the youngest Mr. Universe titleholder and pro card recipient at 20. Now, Anton Ratushnyi has stepped into the spotlight, snatching the Classic Physique pro title and his own pro card, making him the youngest ever.

Teen Titan Toppling Schwarzenegger's Bodybuilding Record After 57 Years
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Ratushneyi’s victory at the NPC national division in Texas has catapulted him from training amateur to professional status. This muscle Adonis, who transformed from an average teenager to a bodybuilding sensation in just four years, remains a mystery to the media.

With over 200,000 Instagram followers, Ratushneyi’s physique has garnered admiration and awe. Fans flooded his championship win announcement with praise.

One fan commented, “How was he not gonna win haha. Dude looks like sculpted stone.” Another chimed in, “Congrats!! Looking forward to see what you do! LIMITLESS!!!”

Speculation is rife about Ratushneyi’s potential entry into next year’s Mr. Olympia tournament. If he clinches the title, he’ll smash another of Schwarzenegger’s records. Given his jaw-dropping muscular build, it’s a possibility that’s hard to dismiss.

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