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The Best Hormone Support Supplements

Isaac Robertson
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Last updated: December 2, 2021

While a healthy diet should be able to provide all the nutrients to support hormonal imbalance, there are certain times in our lives where hormone levels fluctuate.

And I’m not just referring to pubescent teens or hot flashes during menopause.

Both men and women go through different stages in life where the endocrine system of glands starts to produce some irregular output.

Fortunately, you don’t have to immediately resort to prescription medication as there are plenty of natural supplements from alternative medicine with scientifically proven results.

And our nutritionist was willing to share some information.

3 Top Hormone Support Products

1 - CIRA Symmetry (Editor's Choice)

CIRA symmetry product bottle
Ingredient Quailty
Overall Score 5.0

Our number one product recommendation for treating a hormonal imbalance is CIRA Symmetry.

All the ingredients are natural and classed as safe to take, and we couldn’t find reviews that it caused side effects or even issues with birth control.

There are plenty of positive comments that CIRA has helped balance hormones, especially during your period.

  • Many women have commented that it helps with menstrual cycles
  • Should help to avoid hormonal ups and downs impact your mood
  • Based entirely on natural and safe ingredients
  • Capsules are easy to take and not too large to swallow
  • You’ll need to remember to take this supplement twice a day

2 - Go with The Flow Hormone Balance for Women

Go with the flow product bottle
Ingredient Quailty
Overall Score 4.8

It is one of the top-selling vegan-friendly products to balance hormones in all different types of situations, from menopause to heavy periods.

Many users have highlighted that it works well for female hormones and could be the best decision before resorting to seeking treatment with a healthcare professional.

  • Positive comments from women about the impact on menopause symptoms
  • Seems to work well to reduce irritability using only natural herbs
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians as it’s entirely plant-based
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial
  • Some women have reported that the effects fade after long-term continuous use.

3 - Hormone Balance and Menopause Relief

Hormone Balance and Menopause Relief product bottle
Ingredient Quailty
Overall Score 4.6

Our final recommendation seems to be popular with early postmenopausal women who have reported good results with no real side effects from the natural ingredients.

It may work to balance hormones at difficult times, which the company says should result in a better overall mood, along with improved physical and mental energy.

  • Claims to support mood, energy, and emotional wellbeing
  • Based on natural ingredients with no side effects reported
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to try it out risk-free
  • Comes in large enough bottles to cover several months of supply
  • Might not be strong enough for very low estrogen levels

10 Best Hormone Balance Ingredients

The following list of herbal supplements is ideal for anyone with severe stress hormone levels, PMS symptoms, poor sleep, mood swings, blood sugar spikes, and low libido.

All of which could be tied back to endocrine glands, adrenal glands, or the thyroid gland, which could be the source of hormonal issues.

Here are ten natural substances that you can easily add to your diet for a better hormonal balance.

1. Organic Maca

bowl filled with organic maca

The Maca root is often called Peruvian ginger, and you’ll find it quite commonly in health food stores.

It’s often one of the first things dietitians recommend for menopausal women struggling with many of the changes going on.

But there is also scientific evidence that it may help men improve their sex hormone balance, and with improved luteinizing hormone production, test subjects noticed higher libido and sperm mobility [1].

While it’s possible to cook or bake with raw Maca, you don’t actually need all that much of it.

About 3 grams of concentrated extract would be enough for a daily dose, and some great supplement products include that dosage.

The best Maca supplement we've found is from a brand called Zen Spirit.

2. Chaste Tree (Vitex Agnus)

close up image of leaves and flower from a chaste tree

This Mediterranean tree has been used in ancient medicines for over 2000 years, and some modern studies have linked it to improved dopamine production [2].

Women have been using it for hundreds of years as a form of herbal hormone therapy to help them with menstrual cycle pains and hormone imbalances.

It may also help with fertility issues in both men and women, and you only need to take a few grams of it per day.

The best Chaste Tree supplements we've found is from a brand called Gaia Herbs.

3. Magnesium

food sources of magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most important essential nutrients for athletes. It plays a key role in muscle function, but dietitians also recommend it for improving your hormone balance, especially when it comes to supporting lower stress levels.

You may also find that you get optimal health thanks to improvements in the quality of your sleep, which has a further positive impact on hormonal imbalances.

If you’re not taking magnesium yet, then you might want to start putting it at the top of your supplement list.

The best Magnesium supplements we've found is from a brand called Transparent Labs.

4. Zinc

This is another essential nutrient and is tightly linked to balancing sex hormone levels.

Men, in particular, will find benefits to key hormones like testosterone levels and reduce its transformation into estrogen.

It’s usually one of the top ingredients in supplements for hormone balance, helping with women’s health by controlling estrogen and progesterone production.

The best Zinc supplements we've found is from a brand called Now Foods.

5. DIM

wooden box filled with green vegetables

DIM is short for Diindolylmethane, and I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce it properly, so I’ll pretend I’m one of the cool nutrition scientists and simply call it DIM.

It’s a substance that your stomach releases, especially when you eat cruciferous vegetables, but how does that help balance hormones?

For men, it slows down the production of an enzyme that transforms testosterone into estrogen, which should have a positive effect on sexual function and energy production.

And for women, some studies have shown that it may have a positive detox effect that could reduce risks of breast cancer [3].

The best DIM supplement we've found is from a brand called Smoky Mountain Naturals.

6. Vitamin B6

vitamin b6 food sources in one table

It is one of the main ones in the vitamin B group, and you’ll often find it in supplements labeled B Complex or similar.

It’s directly tied to many enzymes and metabolic hormones that may help to regulate insulin resistance, promote glucose metabolism, and help you maintain lower blood sugar levels.

It’s one of those super micronutrients that impact many related hormone imbalances that often lead to weight gain and other health issues.

The best Vitamin B6 supplement we've found is from a brand called Nature's Bounty.

7. Vitamin C

sliced oranges in stack and a vitamin c supplement pills

Now, most dietitians will tell you that it’s quite difficult to become vitamin C deficient, but it’s one nutrient that getting enough of is key to many functions in the human body.

One impact is on your immune system, where combined with vitamin D, it does ensure the proper functioning of immune responses.

But it may also impact cortisol levels, adrenaline, and other hormones that could become an issue even with a healthy lifestyle.

If you eat a medium-sized orange every day, then you should have enough to cover your vitamin C needs, but many women also choose to take a supplement just to avoid running low on vitamin D and C.

The best Vitamin C supplement we've found is from a brand called Nature's Bounty.

8. Iodine

You might think of this liquid as only being good for disinfecting wounds, but in small amounts, it’s required by your body, especially for thyroid hormones [4].

And if there’s one type of hormone that has the most significant metabolic impacts, then it’s your overall thyroid hormone balance.

It may help with the processing of healthy fats and reduce high blood sugar levels, which might lead to weight issues and high blood pressure if left uncontrolled.

The best Iodine supplement we've found is from a brand called MaryRuth Organics.

9. Glycine

white powder on a wide wooden spoon

The human body can produce glycine, the amino acid that directly impacts the central nervous system and contributes to balancing hormones associated with sleep.

It’s often recommended for people who have struggled with getting and staying asleep or suffering from night sweats.

And there are some indications that it may also impact metabolic rates and reduce inflammation.

And low levels of glycine mean that your body releases less glutathione, which is an antioxidant that counteracts the effects of oxidative stress.

It’s generally available as an over-the-counter supplement, and just 3 grams before bed could make a big difference to your sleep patterns.

The best Glycine supplement we've found is from a brand called BulkSupplements.

10. Probiotics

three white plastic bottles of probiotics

Probiotics are substances that feed the beneficial bacteria in your stomach to improve your overall gut health. And with over 70% of your immune function being in your gut, it’s an important factor for your overall health.

If your gut health is in trouble and you have increased levels of bad bacteria, then that may also contribute to an overall hormone balance problem.

Even a minor lack of nutrient absorption could significantly impact your body’s ability to produce the right types of hormones.

The best Probiotic supplement we've found is from a brand called 1MD.

A Buyer’s Guide

medical person writing on a paper while examining pills and a woman placing a pill in her mouth

Here are the three main areas to focus on in your research.

1. Dosage Strength

Achieving a better hormone imbalance is about the right ingredients and a strong enough dose.

Aim for gender-specific products, and then compare the dosage of each ingredient. A broader and stronger dose of ingredients should generally give you better results.

2. Menopausal Symptoms

Women often have to resort to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, especially when they get very low estrogen levels.

But a strong dose of herbs, minerals, and amino acids may often reduce some symptoms effectively enough to make dealing with menopause a bit easier.

3. Price Comparison

And finally, compare the prices, but be careful to do that on a like-for-like basis. Some expensive supplements have a higher price because they have a better range of ingredients at a higher dose and with more effective results.

There are different times in a woman’s life where you have to balance hormones to maintain a healthy mental and physical state.

The long-term effects of not staying on top of it can be disruptive, but there are simple solutions that don’t involve immediate medical treatment.

The one that we’d recommend is certainly CIRA Symmetry - given its ingredients list and much more balanced hormone level results.

Order your first supply today to see how much of a difference it will make on your thyroid and pituitary gland, and make sure to share your experience with the hormone imbalance in the comments below.

Our #1 Recommendation

CIRA Symmetry

CIRA symmetry product bottle
Ingredient Quailty
Overall Score 5.0
  • Many women have commented that it helps with menstrual cycles
  • Should help to avoid hormonal ups and downs impact your mood
  • Based entirely on natural and safe ingredients
  • Capsules are easy to take and not too large to swallow
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of January
  • You’ll need to remember to take this supplement twice a day

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