With online advertising full of the latest and greatest dodgy weight loss pills and fat burners, you always have to be careful with these types of products. 

But that doesn’t mean you should avoid all of them. 

And if you’ve been following our blog, then you’re probably aware that we often recommend two fat burner products to help with fat reduction.

For a while, though, we have been having heated Leanbean vs Phen375 debates, so we decided to do some more in-depth research.

Let’s start with the basics.

What Is Leanbean?

LeanBean Product Box and Bottle

Leanbean is a fat burner supplement that claims to boost your metabolism and melt away some unwanted fat. 

What makes it unique, though, is that it has been formulated specifically for women. 

What does this mean?

That’s not just inconvenient but could result in some simple errors from time to time. 

While its main goal is dealing with fat reserves, we have also successfully used this product with female clients who needed to build muscle for different types of sports. 

If you’ve ever bought a generic supplement product, you’ll often have to adjust for half a scoop to get the right nutrient balance for your physical size.


  • All ingredients claim to be scientifically proven (more below)
  • Low amount of stimulants should help you avoid the jitters
  • Many users highlight the appetite suppression
  • We noticed higher levels of energy and less fatigue later in the day


  • For best results, you’ll need to remember to take it three times daily

What Is Phen375?

Phen375 is a fat burning supplement that claims to have been designed with natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to help deal with releasing stored body fat.

The basic theory behind Phen375 is that reducing your calorie intake is one of the best ways to limit your calorie intake [1]. 

How do you do that? By eating less and boosting your metabolic rate.

Phen375 thumb

Phen375 does seem to have some carefully chosen ingredients (more on those shortly) that have thermogenic effects [2]. And with some positive reports of reducing those hunger cravings that lead to bad snacking, it should help you lose weight.

The one thing I would say about Phen375 is that women may need to reduce the dose to avoid some side effects like jitters and trouble sleeping.


  • Claims to use scientifically proven thermogenic ingredients
  • Very few side effects reported by users
  • Positive reports of suppressing hunger and cravings


  • Not specifically formulated for women

List Of Common Fat Burning Ingredients


In this Leanbean vs Phen375 review, we’ll mention that while both fat burners contain natural ingredients, the first thing you’ll notice is that they target quite different ingredients. 

There really are only two natural ingredients that are the same or similar.

1 - Chromium Picolinate

This trace element has been shown in studies to contribute to normal blood sugar levels [3]. When you replace the roller coaster effect with a stable energy level, you should be less likely to end up going to those unhealthy snacks. 

Some people try chromium for body conditioning, including weight loss, increasing muscle, and decreasing body fat. Chromium is also used to improve athletic performance, to increase energy, and to prevent age-related mental decline.
- RxList.com

2 - Piperine/Cayenne Pepper

These fat burner ingredient function in similar ways in that they have been shown to improve how your digestive system absorbs nutrients. But cayenne pepper may also have thermogenic effects to burn off some extra calories. 

List Of Unique Ingredients


This is where the Leanbean vs Phen375 fat burner gets a little bit more interesting. Which supplement has a better formula?Let’s look into their unique ingredients.

Unique Leanbean Ingredients

1 - Konjac Fibre

Also known as glucomannan, this fiber is known to help aid digestion and maintain a sense of fullness. It could be why so many women find it helps them bridge longer gaps between meals. 

2 - Choline

This seems to be a clever choice of ingredient, as some research suggests that it’s tied to transporting fats to muscles [4].

This could otherwise become a bottleneck in your metabolism. 

3 - Vitamin B6, B12


Vitamin Bs have been extensively tested to show how they tie back to overall energy levels. When you have a more steady supply of energy, you’re less likely to feel tired and resort to snacking. 

4 - Chloride

This electrolyte won’t just help you stay hydrated, but using it as a supplement ingredient could also improve your digestion to absorb nutrients faster. 

5 - Zinc

Zinc may play a role in many different body functions, including hormone levels and the metabolism of carbs. 

6 - Green Coffee

This is the raw green coffee bean before it’s roasted to make your morning brew. In the raw form, it contains very little stimulants in the form of caffeine. But at the same time, it may provide antioxidants to help you better detox. 

7 - Turmeric

Many dietitians will suggest taking turmeric over caffeine as a natural fat burner [5].

The reason is that research suggests that it’s as effective without the negative side effects common with stimulants. 

8 - Garcinia Cambogia


This Asian fruit is increasingly common in health food stores. One tip we got from a dietitian was that it’s not directly linked to boosts in your metabolism. Instead, studies have linked this fruit to suppressing appetite and hunger cravings [6].

Related article: The best appetite suppressants

9 - Acai Berry

I’ll come straight out and say that all the research we did doesn’t support many claims that acai berries directly support weight loss. However, there is evidence that taking these berries could boost your levels of antioxidants to better detox.

Unique Phen375 Ingredients

1 - Calcium Carbonate

I had personally never heard of this ingredient being used in fat burners or other supplements, but we did find some studies that reported positive effects for fat loss [7].

2 - L-Carnitine 

This ingredient is quite common in sports supplements and is tied to the release of energy to fuel muscles. 

3 - Caffeine Powder Anhydrous

Yup, your morning coffee could actually be helping you burn some fat. Caffeine is known to be thermogenic.

But you have to be careful, as increasing your intake of stimulants also increases your chances of feeling jittery. 

4 - Dendrobium Nobile Extract 

Another ingredient I hadn’t heard of before has some scientific support that it could aid your digestion. However, results have been a bit mixed. 

5 - Citrus Aurantium

Citrus aurantium has also been proven as an effective fat burner due to its thermogenic effects [8].

6 - Coleus Forskohlii Root

Some people believe that this ingredient is tied to effective AMP energy delivery to muscle cells. However, there is no conclusive evidence at the moment. 

Do They Have Any Side Effects?

The good news is that we found very few reports of side effects from online reviews and our clients. 

Unless you have any known allergies to any of the ingredients, you really should be fine. Reports of side effects from these products are uncommon. 

However, the only side effects we did come across were related to Phen375 and the stimulants it contains. If you tend to be a coffee drinker, then it could happen that you get a bit jittery or find it difficult to sleep. 

Leanbean Vs Phen375: Which Is Cheaper?


Based on the most recent prices and offers available on the official website, the price for a single bottle of each product is pretty much the same at just under $60.

However, there is a difference when it comes to bulk orders.

You’ll be able to order Phen375 in sets of 3 or 5 bottles for almost half the retail price per bottle. 

Leanbean, on the other hand, offers 2 or 4 bottles for about 25% off the retail price.

Just based on price, Phen375 would seem like a better option. However, we have found that the formula of Leanbean seems to be more effective. 


Does Phen375 really work?

Is Phen375 thermogenic?

Which Product Should You Choose?

This Leanbean vs Phen375 review was a tough one. It’s clear that both supplements have their own strengths.

But after much deliberation, out of the two of these supplements, we have come to the conclusion that Leanbean is a fat burner choice

Both actually work well for the majority of our clients, but we did find better outcomes for losing some pounds and building muscle with Leanbean. 

The formula is ideal for women, which is why we generally advise our female clients to try this first. 

Once you’ve tried it out for a couple of weeks, make sure you report back to us how it worked out. 

LeanBean Product Box and Bottle


  • Claims to use scientifically proven thermogenic ingredients
  • Very few side effects reported by users
  • Positive reports of suppressing hunger and cravings
  • BEST PRICE until the end of July

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