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A woman working out on a cable pulley system
By Tyler Sellers 4 days ago
10 Best Cable Pulley System For Home Gym (2023 Review)
For people who get in trouble with their significant others for having free weights and weight plates around the home, cable machines can be the ideal solution to maintain that peace. And while these machines at the gym can be very large and bulky, there are some smaller and more affordable options for use at home. But you have to be careful about the quality of these home cable... Read more >
A man working out at a home gym
By Tyler Sellers 4 days ago
10 Best Home Gym Equipment (2023 Review) Buyer’s Guide
Home gyms are one of the most effective ways to keep a weight loss journey alive, especially for people who struggle to find the time to travel to a gym and allocate enough time to make a difference. Our team got together with a group of 12 personal trainers to see if we could agree on a list of exercise machines that could speed up a fitness journey. We tested out over 50 different pieces of... Read more >
Total Gym XLS Review featured
By Connor Sellers 6 days ago
Total Gym XLS Review (2023) Should You Buy This Equipment?
We’re usually very skeptical when we see hyped-up home gym equipment. But let’s be honest, when you see a fitness machine endorsed by Chuck Norris, then you simply can’t ignore it. The problem we see time and time again is that home gym equipment is often either flimsy or very limited in use. So we decided to put one of the most recent Total Gym sets to the test to see if we could... Read more >
bodyblade featured
By Tyler Sellers 3 days ago
Bodyblade Review (2023) Does This Device Work?
Quite a few of my clients come to me after having completed some physical therapy due to injuries. And in recent years, I saw many of them use the Bodyblade Classic as part of their physio training. I was quite intrigued by it and decided to spend a bit of time with a physical therapist to see whether and how the Bodyblade could be used as part of normal fitness workout routines. Now, before... Read more >
Lewin Fitness Platform featured
By Christiana Mikesch 3 days ago
Lewin Fitness Platform Review (2023 Updated) Honest Thoughts
You only need to look at some photos of Michelle Lewin to understand that she knows a thing or two about exercise and eating healthy. In fact, she is one of the leading role models for both men and women in the fitness world. We received requests from our readers about covering the Michelle Lewin Fitness Platform. Well, after intense research, I have compiled details about Lewin's fitness... Read more >
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By Isaac Robertson 4 months ago
The Best Olympic Barbells for Your Home Gym
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
If you’re serious about building up some muscle mass, you will have to work with free weights. While most people jump on a set of dumbbells, you might actually get a lot more out of your workouts with Olympic barbells. The problem is that you’ll find a lot of barbells online that look great but just aren’t suitable for any serious kind of lifting. That doesn’t mean that you have to... Read more >
cable crossover machine
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
10 Best Cable Crossover Machines (2023 Upd.) For Home Gyms
Not everyone has the space for a smith machine in their home gym, but you can still find a suitable crossover station to better target your upper body workout. The problem we have seen with a lot of these machines is that they tend to make two mistakes. Either they aren’t adjustable enough to give you a full range of motion or aren’t sturdy enough to pile on some more weights as you get... Read more >
using kettlebells
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
ONNIT Primal Kettlebells Review:
Read This Before Buying
You’ve heard many fitness enthusiasts talking passionately about the orangutan, gorilla, chimp, and the other cool “beasts” but didn’t quite get it. Why has almost every serious athlete been raving about these apes? And then you’ve finally figured out that they’re not talking about animals in the zoo. Woohoo! The whole new world opened up for you. This ONNIT kettlebells review will... Read more >
working out at home
By Tyler Sellers 4 days ago
Best Compact Home Gym Equipment For Small & Tight Spaces
Here's a confession: sometimes, I don’t feel like going to the gym - at all.  I never thought I’d say this as a fitness trainer, but it’s true. And I’m sure many of you would echo the same sentiment. Thankfully, home gyms exist. There are now countless options out there that feature different designs, components, and functionalities. Finding the best compact home gym can be tough, so... Read more >
Schwinn 470 Elliptical Bike
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
Schwinn 470 Elliptical Review
Should You Buy This Machine?
Schwinn is synonymous with high quality in the fitness world. Now you may wonder how top quality and groundbreaking technology can go hand in hand with an affordable price. Let’s see. In this detailed, unbiased review, we’re going to discover whether the Schwinn 470 Elliptical justifies its brand name and what you can expect if it becomes a part of your home fitness arsenal. Read more >
tonal workout
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Tonal Review:
Does This At-Home Smart Gym System Really Work?
Can’t go to the gym due to Covid-19 lockdown, cold weather, lack of time, high gym membership cost, performance anxiety when surrounded by experienced gym-goers, or any other reason (or excuse)? You’re probably familiar with all the buzz around fancy high-tech equipment for home use like Tonal, Peloton, etc. that’s constantly popping up. Tonal home weight lifting system that provides... Read more >
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
Best Under-Desk Ellipticals & Mini Bikes
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
Many of my clients have desk jobs where they spend many hours every day sitting down with hardly any opportunity to move. One great way to get some low impact workout mobility into your day is with a mini elliptical. It could allow you to burn calories for weight loss goals or just help avoid your joints getting stiff. Unfortunately, there are many ellipticals that show signs of wear and tear... Read more >