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Muscular male with skeletal formula overlay
By Connor Sellers 2 months ago
Is Testosterone A Lipid? (3 Main Issues Answered)
As a personal fitness coach, I spend a lot of time working with nutritionists and doctors to come up with training programs for my clients. And in one recent discussion, my nutritionist friend kept referring to testosterone as a hormone and a lipid. The interesting thing about sex hormones is what they are made of, and most people don’t know that there’s a lot more to this hormone when you... Read more >
Your guide to hormone support supplements
By Isaac Robertson 3 days ago
3 Best Hormone Support Supplements (2023 Updated)
While a healthy diet should be able to provide all the nutrients to support hormonal imbalance, there are certain times in our lives where hormone levels fluctuate. And I’m not just referring to pubescent teens or hot flashes during menopause. Both men and women go through different stages in life where the endocrine system of glands starts to produce some irregular output. Fortunately, you... Read more >