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5 Best Exercises For Hip Bursitis (Stretching Routine)

Christiana Mikesch
Published by Christiana Mikesch | Senior Coach
Last updated: August 7, 2023

Hip bursitis pain is quite a common issue for athletes to deal with, and while more serious cases require medical treatments, most people can deal with and prevent it through a series of simple daily exercises.

To find out how to best deal with such joint issues, I spent a few hours with a physical therapist to find out what the best options were.

She was very helpful and showed me five exercises and a simple stretching routine she uses in physical therapy with clients.

Let’s take a look at what exercises might help you treat hip bursitis.

Quick Summary

  • Building up strength through targeted leg and hip exercises like side planks and glute bridges can make a big difference in hip bursitis issues.
  • There are many causes for hip pain, but not actively dealing with it through hip bursitis exercises can ultimately make things worse.
  • There is also evidence that a daily gentle stretch can have a big impact on hip bursitis pain as long as you pick the right stretches.

Can Exercises Help With Hip Bursitis?

A woman performing hip bursitis stretches

Yes, exercises can help with hip bursitis. In severe cases, you may need to consider medication and even steroid injections [1].

But it’s entirely possible to prevent this problem and start proactively dealing with it through a series of daily exercises.

The underlying issue is an inflammation of fluid sacs near the hip joint, and those can become painful whenever you move your hips [2].

What you need to focus on is a few exercises that strengthen the muscles supporting the thighs and do some stretching to improve the range of motion.

“Acute bursitis usually flares over hours or days. Chronic bursitis can last from a few days to several weeks.“

- Beth Oller, MD

Let’s start with some exercises.

5 Exercises for Hip Bursitis

Doing glute bridges, leg raises, and hip bursitis exercises

Here are five simple exercises that you can do at home or at the gym.

1. Glute Bridge

Lie down flat on your back with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent. Then push your pelvis up as far as possible.

You’ll feel this in your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. And if you hold the upper position, it also introduces a nice stretch. 

2. Thigh Press

You can do this with resistance bands by lying on the floor with your legs straight up in the air.

Place a resistance band over your feet and add some tension with your hands.

Your inner thighs will be touching, and you want to separate them as far as possible to engage your hip and leg muscles.

3. Side Plank

Doing side planks in the gym

Lie on your side fully stretched out, and rest your upper body on your elbow.

Then lift up your hips until your body is completely straight and hold this for a minute.

You can also do an easier variation and lie on your side with only the top knee straight.

4. Yogi Squat

This is a great yoga exercise to open up your hip joints. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and then slowly lower your buttocks down as far as possible.

With each knee pointing forward, push your elbow against your thighs to push them out and stretch the hip muscles.

5. Straight Leg Raises

The straight leg raise is another good strength exercise. You lie down on your side and keep the upper leg straight. Then slowly lift it up as far as you can.

You should also feel a gentle stretch in the thigh muscles.

Don’t forget to do the same for the opposite thigh.

Can A Hip Rotator Stretch Help As Well?

A woman doing rotating hip stretch

Yes, a hip rotator stretch can help reduce the pressure on the inflammation.

For a hip rotator stretch, lie on your back with your knees at a right angle. Place one foot on the knee of the other leg and then use your hands to gently pull it towards the opposite shoulder.

This will stretch the front thigh muscles and should relieve some leg pain as well.

Then, push the knee away from you and hold the stretch for about five seconds. This will also help your hips roll and move more easily.

I would also suggest that you don’t just do this for the affected leg but do it on both sides. It can be a great way to prevent these issues.


What Is The Fastest Way To Heal Bursitis Of The Hip?

The fastest way to heal bursitis of the hip is through medical steroid injections from a doctor. However, if you’re dealing with minor discomfort, then doing regular hip exercises and stretches may help to improve the issue.

Is Walking Good For Bursitis Of The Hip?

Yes, walking is good for the bursitis of the hip. It’s a low-impact form of exercise that should help to strengthen thigh muscles and add more movement and circulation to the outer thighs.

Take Steps To Deal With Hip Joint Pain

If you’re dealing with a painful hip due to bursitis and it’s not a chronic issue, then start doing the above exercises and stretches on a daily basis.

And if you want to prevent bursitis, then I would recommend checking out some testosterone boosters since increased testosterone can provide anti-inflammatory properties.

We have researched many of these supplements to provide you with the best ones:

Try one of these products and see how much of a difference it will make.


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